Focus on what matters: Tips for startups on how to prioritize investments and resources for more robust growth

Feb 08, 2022 02:00 pm EST - 2022-02-08 15:00:00 EST

Starting a company is an incredible series of challenges, and your software has to keep up when you’re on a growth trajectory. Clean UIs, UX that flows, zero downtime, dynamic scaling, etc. are all required before you even start working on what makes your product different. 

In this presentation, we’re going to discuss strategies for leveraging managed services so you can focus on a stronger, faster, smarter growth strategy.


Aaron Brock, SADA Cloud Engineer

Aaron N. Brock, known for cloud-related memes & always wearing purple, began his journey programming when he was 12 years old developing his programming skills while working for the largest Minecraft server.  Then, with some friends from Princeton University, he co-founded a cloud gaming startup… which eventually flopped.  Since then, he’s found success everywhere from DevOps engineering at a telecommunications company to creating data pipelines for a self-driving bus startup in Tianjin China.  Aaron now uses this learning as a Google Cloud Engineer to empower transformations at some of the most innovative startups in the world!

Bruno Rodrigues, Founder & Startup Mentor at Google Cloud

Bruno is a tech professional, leader & aficionado focused on building & growing customer relationships. He’s been at Google Cloud for almost four years working with early-stage & high-potential startups across Canada & the South Central US while also supporting 10+ Google for Startups accelerators as a technical anchor mentor. 

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