Cloud can empower you to transform the way you work, give you access to data to make better decisions, and scale your business to reach your goals. But how do you harness its maximum potential? Our experts are at the forefront of thought leadership, sharing their perspective and best practices, and participating in events designed to help you create the shortest path to long-lasting impact.

HealthIMPACT – Winter Summit

Watch on-demand sessions with Michael Ames, Sr. Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences at SADA, as he moderates a panel discussion with John Henderson, VP & CIO at CHOC Children’s, Sandra Powell-Elliot, VP, Life Sciences and Innovation at Hackensack-Meridian Health, and Ian Brooks, Ph.D., Interim Director, Health Data Compass Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine around Data Analytics. He also discusses other highlights in Healthcare in 2020 besides COVID.

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GCP GroundSchool

Want to learn more about the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but don’t know where to start? GCP GroundSchool presented by SADA & Google Cloud is a great place to start! Watch on-demand sessions from GCP GroundSchoool, with 13 comprehensive sessions that provide an introduction to the GCP ecosystem including its key components, underlying engineering and philosophy, use cases and the benefits of GCP adoption.

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ANTHOS FOR SPEED – DORA, Multi-Cloud, Kubernetes, Oh My!

With Anthos, the dream of “build once, run anywhere” is now a reality. Organizations finally have the freedom to run workloads in GCP, AWS, or on-prem and manage their entire distributed environment using a centralized dashboard. With one consistent platform to apply configurations and set security policies across all app deployments, it’s easier than ever for enterprises to manage containers across multiple infrastructure platforms. Watch on-demand as Miles Ward, CTO at SADA and Rohit Kelapure, Scale Specialist at Google Cloud discuss the meaningful impact Anthos can have on your organization.

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HealthSystems CIO Webinar

There is no innovation without experimentation, and there is no experimentation without investment. The cloud, however, gives innovative leaders a cost-efficient playground where they can spin up and down test environments to see if promising ideas should be put into practice. In this webinar, we’ll hear from leaders who are leveraging the cloud to explore what’s possible.

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SaaS Alliance Customer Panel

For digital natives and ISVs (independent software vendors), choosing the right cloud platform and the right partner to scale your business is important and impactful. A strong partnership can help by accelerating customer acquisition, broadening your marketing platform, and streamlining your operations. Watch on-demand as Miles Ward, SADA CTO, moderates this SaaS Customer Panel featuring executives from Quantum Metric, Cysiv and PacketFabric.

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K8s Crash Course

Curious to learn more about Kubernetes (K8s) and the value that containerization can add to your organization? You’ve come to the right place. SADA and Google Cloud are teaming up to offer you a complimentary eight-week deep dive into K8s architecture on Google Cloud Platform. This crash course will be jam-packed with the ins and outs of the open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

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GovTech Lunch n Learn

Many government agencies turned to virtual meetings to continue serving constituents amid social distancing requirements. Health and human services caseworkers, parole officers, building inspectors and more leveraged video platforms to connect with their clients. These new virtual services often have resulted in better access and more convenience for constituents. Now, governments have an opportunity to capitalize on this innovative service delivery model by making it permanent, but they need technologies to efficiently do so.

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