Reaching collaboration equity

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Because Google Workspace was born in the cloud, it removes many obstacles around collaboration, making it equally accessible for all. With Google Workspace, teams no longer have to wrestle with obstacles like storage limitations, machine requirements and different software versions. In this episode, you’ll learn about updates that come from real user feedback – from customers and even Google Workspace’s own product team. You’ll also hear about how SADA supported an over 100-year-old company in its journey to go Google and how the implementation  exceeded expectations thanks to results-driven change management initiatives. This all highlights Google Cloud’s commitment to making collaboration easier and equal for all.

Workspace updates

  • Google Chat suggestions before and after 1:1 Meet calls
  • Compressed presenter toolbar in Google Slides
  • Revision history in Jamboard

Customer story

Kravet achieves collaboration goals and empowers remote teams with Google Workspace. [View related Customer Story]

Product demo

Jamboard: Rowan uses Jamboard to demo the benefits of file collaboration in a pure cloud environment like Workspace, explaining why it is a game-changer. 

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