SADA and WeWork look at the future of work

Step into the future with 27 Degrees! Join Troy and Rowan as they explore the role Google Workspace will play in the future of work, with SADA customer, WeWork. Dive into a few updates to Google Meet and Chat that will expand the tools’ existing capabilities and improve the video meeting experience. 

Then, listen to an amazing conversation with Chad Pierce, Head of Building Technology at WeWork. He shares a little about WeWork’s journey from Zoom to Google Meet and how SADA helped the company navigate such a large-scale migration. 

Lastly, we get a visit from our neighborhood Workspace fortune-teller “Tarot Troy.” He predicts the future of work and discusses the many ways that Workspace will lead the way with work transformation. 

Buckle up and tune in for this extremely fun edition of 27 Degrees!

Workspace updates

  • Google Meet, an extension of some existing tools that Google Workspace provided to allow you to control your environment better. “Video Backgrounds”: What is the corporate or enterprise use case?
  • Google Meet, hand raising geared towards inclusivity. Now has noise indication and hand raises are queued up so that if there are multiple people ready to speak you know who is first. Once the user has spoken the tool will remove the hand raise automatically. Increasing meeting participation and engagement.
  • Google Chat, a new iteration within 1 to 1 call chats allows messages to be available before and after a meeting. now extends to larger group calls make more sense from the corporate use case.

Customer guest

Chad Pierce, Head of Building Technology at WeWork

Chad started his career as an IT infrastructure Manager and has held numerous positions on his way to Head of Building Technology for WeWork. He now joins the show to share a little about WeWork’s journey from Zoom to Google Meet and how SADA helped them navigate such a large-scale migration. Chad also shares WeWork’s perspective on the future of work and the role Google Workspace will play for them.

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