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Accelerating growth through SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program

Nikki Harley, Director of Strategic Alliances at SADA, joins this episode just one week after the launch of the SaaS Alliance Partner Program to discuss how the program helps to better cater to ISVs and SaaS companies to help them scale and drive GCP consumption. Nikki reveals how she went about creating the program and her journey talking to partners and customers in order to better understand how SADA can fill in the gaps.

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Being a change leader and enabling growth as a competitive advantage

Lilah Jones is a technology leader, focused on helping organizations advance their digital agendas by making smart data decisions through transformative technological implementations. Now the Head of Corporate Sales for North Central US at Google Cloud, Lilah joins this episode to discuss enabling growth through change and thought leadership, and how both give a competitive advantage. Lilah also dives into the behaviors, habits and advancements that are at the core of what she stands for, as it pertains to her commitment in creating a diverse, progressive space within the tech community.

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Empowering SREs to “fight for the user”

Steve McGhee, Cloud Solutions Architect at Google Cloud, is one of the original greats in the SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) space and has been managing SRE teams at Google Cloud for over a decade. In this episode, Steve will explain how he helps businesses understand and apply SRE practices as well as empower their SRE teams. He also dives into how he rethinks “reliability as a problem set” and not the solution in order to define a truly reliable site (and why GCP is the best platform to do this on).

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A look back on 2020

Wrapping up a challenging and unexpected year, SADA’s Executive Management Team joins this special year-end episode to look back on 2020 and dive into some of the biggest challenges for going fully remote. They discuss leadership during a pandemic and talk through some of the biggest highlights from this year. The team also shares company goals for the upcoming year as well as what they’re looking forward to in 2021.

Principles that guide great partnerships

In the midst of all the transformation that the world is currently going through, partnerships are more critical to success now than ever before. Vince Menzione, Founder of Ultimate Partnerships LLC, has made it his life’s work to build successful partnerships to transform businesses in the tech industry. In this episode, Vince discusses the importance of having the right mindset towards partnerships during these times of transformations and sheds light on some guiding principles on partnering for success.

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Developing the world’s largest network with Google Cloud

With decades of expertise in driving digital transformation and Cloud Adoption, Lakshmi Sharma is now Director of Product Management, Network Experience, Performance, Reliability & Solutions at Google Cloud. She joins this episode to talk about developing the world’s largest network with Google Cloud. Lakshmi shares what’s changing in Google Cloud in terms of hybrid networking, including a new rollout that helps mission critical applications. They also discuss leading by example and the importance of hiring with diversity and inclusion at the forefront to enable ideas and perspectives for a global population.

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Unlocking new possibilities for Telco, Media & Entertainment with Google Cloud

Teena Piccione has spent over 18 years helping enterprises innovate by strategically determining better ways of working through Agile or DevOps environments and finding new monetization opportunities with data. Now the Managing Director for Telco, Media & Entertainment at Google Cloud, Teena joins this episode to discuss how Google Cloud is unlocking new possibilities in the TMEG (Telco, Media & Entertainment, Gaming) industry by helping customers better utilize data in order to remain competitive.

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Digital optimization success built on culture of ‘fantastically delightful’ customer experience

In 2015, Mario Ciabarra founded Quantum Metric, a platform for Continuous Product Design, which is a fundamentally new approach that helps organizations deliver digital products with greater impact, speed and confidence. In this episode, Mario explains how Quantum Metric solves for customer experience problems and why Google Cloud is unique in their success. He also dives into empowering teams from a leadership perspective and attributes that are critical for team culture.

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Enabling speed & agility in traditional enterprises & new regions with Google’s innovative solutions

With 25 years experience of modernizing traditional enterprises, Stacy Trackey Meagher, Managing Director for North Central Region at Google Cloud, discusses how new technologies such as AI & ML are transforming companies like never before. She also dives into her strategy for building out new markets and territories, and why cultivating partner relationships plays such a huge role in their development.

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