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The art and science of storytelling

This week on the Cloud N Clear podcast SADA CEO, Tony Safoian sits down with author, coach, Keynote Speaker, and Founder of WOW, David JP Phillips. They take time to discuss the distilled art and science of storytelling, what the key components are, what role it has played in human evolution, and how it can be used to convey impactful information. This episode is an opportunity to dive deeper into the psychology of storytelling and its effects on businesses. The legacy and reputation of any given brand is dependent not only on the stories they tell about themselves but the stories that are told about them. Join us as we explore the beauty of telling productive stories and how to avoid disrupting your brand's conversations.

Cloud N Clear

PacketFabric: Network-as-a-Service helping manage networks of the future

Transparency, speed, flexibility, and ease are not typical terms you would use to explain networks made up of bare-metal and Software Defined Networks (SDN). PacketFabric aims to change that by offering Network as a Service, built on Google Cloud. PacketFabric, a SADA partner, connects colocation, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud on flexible terms in minutes. In this Cloud N Clear, we hear from PacketFabric CEO, Dave Ward. Dave has a history of innovation, engineering networks at organizations like Cisco and Juniper. However, in Dave’s new role he is leading, not engineering. Dave shares his journey and transition from engineer to CEO with host, Tony Safoian, CEO, SADA. As well as discussing Network as a Service and how it will help architect the networks of the future.

Cloud N Clear

Google Workspace: leading the evolution of the modern remote workforce

With the impact of COVID on remote working, Google Workspace is leading the charge on productivity and collaboration tools that are reshaping modern work culture. In this Cloud N Clear episode, we meet SADA’s newest Google Workspace evangelist Rowan Manson who shares with the host and CEO of SADA, Tony Safoian, his passion and belief in Google Workspace and why it is the leader. Rowan highlights some notable recent feature updates and a few that are on the horizon. The discussion also goes beyond the technology into more significant concepts like collaboration equity, empowering innovation, and removing remote collaboration barriers.

Cloud N Clear

Introducing SADA’S new Chief of Staff, Michelle Ambrose

Continuing the celebration of Women’s History Month, we introduce SADA’s first-ever Chief of Staff, Michelle Ambrose, on this week’s Cloud N Clear. Michelle has held numerous Chief of Staff positions throughout her career and previously spent ten years working at Google. She joins to explain her move to SADA and how it strengthens the alignment with Google. The addition of Michelle is not only a logistical asset but a cultural asset as well, helping people feel the importance of their work with an emphasis on accomplishing goals as a team. Tune in to hear more about how she is contributing to the SADA culture and how she is able to speak ‘both languages’ to be the glue between Google and SADA.

Cloud N Clear

SADA women leaders focus on talent development and training with culture and service in mind

We continue to celebrate Women’s History Month with another special edition of Cloud N Clear, hosted by Orkideh Shahidi, VP of People Operations. Joining Orkideh are other SADA women leaders: Annette Davidson, Head of Talent and Development, and Meredith Mitnick, Training and Development Consultant. In this episode, we hear how they have helped SADA take great strides in the areas of training and development, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI); AND how they intend to “kick it up a notch”.

Cloud N Clear

International Women’s Day: Celebrating leading women in tech at SADA

Narine Galstian, CMO at SADA, hosts this special edition of Cloud N Clear to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Women technical leaders at SADA join the podcast to share their experience of working in male-dominated high tech, and how they have navigated it. They share their varying journeys and stop on important moments that helped them become inspiring women tech leaders in the SADA family; Like the importance of early mentorship and networking, and how culture plays an essential role in development. Discussion also delves into Google Cloud and how, with Workspace, is helping customers adopt this new hybrid remote working environment.

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