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27 Degrees

Workspace for the Public Sector

In this special edition of 27°, we focus on the public sector. Troy and Rowan talk to Google Workspace leaders and get an inside scoop on the vision and drivers of innovation specific to the vertical. Special guests include Jeff Brown, Global Public Sector, Google Workspace Manager; John Cousens, Managing Director, Public Sector, Google Cloud Canada;Alec Humes, Public Sector Partnerships, Google Cloud Canada.

Cloud N Clear

Google Cloud and SADA help GrandPad remove technical barriers for seniors

Presenting GandPad as our next customer spotlight on Cloud N Clear. GrandPad is a consumer electronics company that is improving the lives of millions of super seniors by removing technical barriers and frustrations of connecting them with their families. The key is a great product that totes a simple interface and choosing SADA to help them scale their cloud infrastructure. Scott Lien, CEO & CO-Founder of GrandPad, sits down with me to discuss his company’s impactful mission statement, how SADA has helped them realize their potential with #GCP by maximizing the #GoogleCloud services in use. Join our discussion to learn more about how GrandPad were early adopters of the #GoogleCloudPlatform and how SADA is supporting their success.

27 Degrees

Google Meet means business!

After an avalanche of Workspace update announcements from Google, the hosts break down a few features that continue to set Meet apart from its stand-alone video conferencing competitors. As part of the core tools included with Google Workspace, and no longer viewed as a “nice to have” add-on, Google Meet means business. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of how Workspace rescued a customer that was left with a fragmented IT environment after an acquisition. You’ll also learn about the trusted Change Management techniques that SADA uses to enable smooth migrations. Rowan then dives deep into the eight layers of Gmail security in a collaborative Jamboarding session that will leave you feeling safe.

Cloud N Clear

Architecting integrity: transforms blockchain technology with Google Cloud and SADA

Episode 100 of Cloud N Clear starring SADA customer, A software publisher specializing in high-performance blockchain technologies that help to build a more secure and connected world. Their mission is to provide technology and products that enable trust in transactions, transparency in systems, and efficiency in how our world works. Tony Safoian, CEO at SADA is back to host this very special anniversary episode with guest David Carter, Head of Technical Services at Topics will include SADA’s project management organization, how it helped drive results when migrating to the Google Cloud Platform, and the partnership with Google Cloud has given a tremendous ability to evolve blockchain technology with the help of SADA.

Cloud N Clear

Crux Informatics streamlines data delivery and consumption

Cloud N Clear often features SADA Alliance Partner customers who have built successful companies offering innovative solutions on Google Cloud. This week episode 99 of the Cloud N Clear spotlights Crux Informatics, a SADA customer focused on removing the friction between data suppliers and consumers. Host Miles Ward, CTO at SADA, and guest Mark Etherington, CTO at Crux Informatics, discuss Crux’s journey to Google Cloud and BigQuery and the partnership with SADA. Also, learn about Crux’s managed data engineering services and the components that support Crux in their mission to scale our customer’s most critical data delivery needs.

27 Degrees

Reaching collaboration equity

Because Google Workspace was born in the cloud, it removes many obstacles around collaboration, making it equally accessible for all. With Google Workspace, teams no longer have to wrestle with obstacles like storage limitations, machine requirements, and different software versions. In this episode, you’ll learn about updates that come from real user feedback - from customers and even Google Workspace’s own product team. You’ll also hear about how SADA supported an over 100-year-old company in its journey to go Google and how the implementation exceeded expectations thanks to results-driven change management initiatives. This all highlights Google Cloud’s commitment to making collaboration easier and equal for all.

Cloud N Clear

Solutions Architecture: A resource for migrating to GCP

Miles Ward, CTO at SADA, sits down with Kyle Moschetto, Director of Solutions Architecture at SADA, to discuss the current landscape of solutions architecture, our passion for driving customer success, and the incredible value we provide as end-to-end partners. At SADA we partner with organizations to help them achieve their business goals, through exceptional Solutions Architecture. We see their cloud journey not just as a series of technology projects, but key transformations to their business.

27 Degrees

Welcome to 27°

In the first-ever 27° episode, you meet hosts Troy and Rowan who welcome and explain the vision for this new series from SADA. You’re invited to dive into Google Workspace and explore the important role that productivity & collaboration play in our adaptation to the new normal of remote and hybrid work. This episode follows a bounty of fantastic new features released by Google Workspace, and it includes a classic customer use-case and a time-saving product demonstration.

Cloud N Clear

The art and science of storytelling

This week on the Cloud N Clear podcast SADA CEO, Tony Safoian sits down with author, coach, Keynote Speaker, and Founder of WOW, David JP Phillips. They take time to discuss the distilled art and science of storytelling, what the key components are, what role it has played in human evolution, and how it can be used to convey impactful information. This episode is an opportunity to dive deeper into the psychology of storytelling and its effects on businesses. The legacy and reputation of any given brand is dependent not only on the stories they tell about themselves but the stories that are told about them. Join us as we explore the beauty of telling productive stories and how to avoid disrupting your brand's conversations.

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