Cloud can empower you to transform the way you work, give you access to data to make better decisions, and scale your business to reach your goals. But how do you harness its maximum potential? Our experts are at the forefront of thought leadership, sharing their perspective and best practices, and participating in events designed to help you create the shortest path to long-lasting impact.

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20 Years of SADA, Reflections by Tony Safoian

In celebration of SADA’s 20 year anniversary, CEO Tony Safoian reflects on SADA’s history and shares his vision for the future.

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Google Cloud and Winning Traditional Enterprise Customers

Jim Anderson is a technology leader with 25+ years of management experience which creates a unique perspective on the cloud market today. As the Managing Director for Google Cloud - South Central Region, he joins this episode to discuss market trends, helping traditional customers transform amidst a pandemic, and how G Suite is the enabling platform for remote working. Anderson is part of the 2% of black executives in cloud and dives into the topic of diversity in tech and enterprise software sales.


Next OnAir Recap: SADA Says With Miles Ward and Scott VanDenPlas – Post-Keynote Commentary

Join Miles Ward, CTO, and Scott VanDenPlas, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at SADA, for their take on Accelerate Your Digital Transformation through a Modern Infrastructure from Week 3 of Next OnAir.

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Transforming the Workplace with Diversity, Inclusion & the Cloud

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is not just the right thing to do, but it’s a competitive advantage - says Frans Johansson, Co-Founder & CEO of The Medici Group, who has been a thought leader in this space for over 15 years. In this episode, Tony and Frans discuss workplace transformation with DEI and how it enables growth, innovation and talent. They also cover the humanization of technology and how science, technology and people are all used to make teams better in the workplace.

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How the Speed & Flexibility of BigQuery Gives Sojern a Competitive Advantage

"Sojern is a next-gen platform that uses proprietary data science methods to examine real-time information, that connects the world’s travelers to their dream destination. When Sojern needed a new solution for data warehousing that provided the flexibility to move with demand fluctuations, they turned to Google Cloud. Senior Director of Engineering at Sojern, Dhaivat Pandit (“DP”), explains the ‘magic’ of BigQuery’s capabilities that gives Sojern its competitive edge. He also dives into the importance of flexibility on the leadership end and how this enabled migration success of all of their workloads.

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Google Cloud Offers AirAsia the Best Cloud Identity Solution

AirAsia is one of the most innovative airlines in regard to their people, their management, and the technology they use. Mo Khurram Zia, Head of People Operations for AirAsia, joins Tony to discuss the reasons the airline chose Google Cloud, using G Suite to boost communication & productivity, and Big Query to enhance data analytics capabilities. Zia explains how People Ops is a “partner” of their IT organization, and he delves into how they collaborate to deliver services and support to teams, cultivating a culture of innovation.

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How GCP Increased Productivity for ConnectAndSell During a Crisis

ConnectAndSell is a patented cloud sales acceleration platform that solves the #1 B2B sales challenge: getting hard to reach decision-makers on the phone. CEO of ConnectAndSell, Chris Beall joins this episode to discuss their recent decision to migrate to GCP with SADA and the benefits they’ve experienced since switching. Chris also explains his company’s findings when comparing GCP to AWS and what solidified their decision to go with Google. During this era of accelerated cloud adoption now masked in uncertainty, Chris gives ConnectAndSell’s interesting point of view for what he thinks the next five years hold for customers and cloud technology.

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How Google Serves Not Sells During a Digitally Transformational Era

On this episode, Tara Seppa, Regional Director, New England, Google Cloud, joins to discuss how companies are shifting to better serve their customers amisdt the current environment. COVID-19 has caused an even bigger wave of digital transformation in the enterprise space and Tara shares the changes she's seen over the past several months. She also uncovers the investments Google is making in field coverage this year as well as leadership lessons learned from 2020.

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