Cloud can empower you to transform the way you work, give you access to data to make better decisions, and scale your business to reach your goals. But how do you harness its maximum potential? Our experts are at the forefront of thought leadership, sharing their perspective and best practices, and participating in events designed to help you create the shortest path to long-lasting impact.

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The existential necessity of long-term customer success

Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight, joins this episode to discuss the current and future state of the cloud and the impact these trends have on customers. Mehta also describes how his leadership style and the culture at Gainsight has evolved during these uncertain times.

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How creativity and speed define key players in today’s market

Val Wright, Author & President of Val Wright Consulting, joins this episode to uncover best practices for quick decision-making and explains why being nimble is critical to survive as a business in today’s market. Wright also discusses how to lead your team through uncertain times with realistic optimism and the role empathy plays on recovering globally from the current crisis.

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Redefining and reinventing brand identity with ‘forever’ company vision

Just one week after the launch of SADA’s rebrand, Margaret Molloy, CMO and Matthias Mencke, Group Creative Director, from Siegel+Gale join us to discuss the process of creating a new brand for a “forever” company. They reveal their views on branding in this new world and best practices for activating a new brand. From their first impression of SADA to the rebrand launch, Molloy and Mencke walk through the creative process and explain how they created visuals to reflect the spirit of SADA.

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Cybersecurity’s role in enabling digital transformation

If you look around at all of the transformations happening, whether it’s digital or cloud, cybersecurity has played an important role in enabling those transformations. Partha Panda, CEO at Cysiv, a Digital Native SaaS company that makes a SOC-as-a Service platform for MSPs and end users, joins this week’s episode to discuss the next generation of the security incident and events management platform that helps customers stay ahead of the cybersecurity threats.

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Breaking the mold in the tech industry

Courtney Graham, SADA’s Director of Sales, Central and Southeast joins Cloud N’ Clear to discuss her history in the tech industry, and how she broke every boundary and expectation set around how one is “supposed to” move up the promotional ladder, and consequently advancing faster than anyone else. Graham tackles topics such as leading the DEI initiative for Google Cloud’s central region and inspiring the next generation of young women in STEM.

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The infinite possibilities for data with Looker and Google Cloud

Chief Data Evangelist at Looker, a part of Google Cloud, Daniel Mintz joins this episode to discuss the importance of data and what can be done with it via Looker and Google Cloud. Mintz also dives into how Looker’s capabilities impact customers, trends he’s seeing in multi-cloud, and culture change within people in order to embrace new technology.

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How a 214-year-old consumers goods company is transforming today

Colgate-Palmolive’s WorldWide Director of Global Collaboration and Workplace services, Patty Vollmar, joins to discuss how a 214-year-old company is transforming amidst a global pandemic and how leveraging cloud tools has boosted collaboration and communication.


Next OnAir Recap: #SADASays With Miles Ward – Post-Keynote Commentary

Join Miles Ward, CTO at SADA, as he discusses the Week 9 Next OnAir Keynote: Hidden Forces: What's Next In Enterprise IT.

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Cultivating diversity in Nutanix during radical times

CIO of Nutanix and SADA Board Member, Wendy M Pfeiffer, joins this week’s episode to discuss how she’s creating more diversity in her organization, especially during these radical times. Pfeiffer also shares her leadership style and challenges she’s faced with remote work during the pandemic.

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