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Cloud N Clear

Why Freestar Made Google Cloud a Part of Their Business Strategy

For this special episode that marks one year of Cloud n Clear, Kurt Donnell, President & CEO of Freestar joins us. As the leader of the #1 fastest growing private company in the 2019 Inc. 5000, he explains how he leads a dynamic team of industry experts that engineer cutting-edge monetization solutions and provide world-class customer service for website owners and app developers. He also does a deep dive on how and why Google Cloud is a part of Freestar's broader business strategy as well as the impact that Google Cloud has had on Freestar's business.

Cloud N Clear

Innovation in Robotics Forwards Child Development

Embodied is doing incredible things with robotics - specifically, companion robots that feature software for supporting children's development of foundational life skills. Moxie, their companion robot, launched in April this year and Embodied CEO, Paolo Pirjanian, joins the show to discuss the technology used to create Moxie and how it differentiates from other technological learning tools for children. Tune in to hear Paolo's vision of building socially and emotionally intelligent robots to improve care and wellness and enhance our daily lives.

Cloud N Clear

The Implementation of Channel Partners in Key Strategical Roles

Nirav Sheth, Director of Channel Sales & Partnerships at Google Cloud, joins episode 50 to discuss the implementation of Channel partners in key strategic roles. He gives some guidance and feedback on what customers are looking for from Google Cloud partners and explains some of the key differences in partnering with a company like Cisco versus Google. Sheth also dives into how Google's strategy has shifted since COVID-19 and his plans for the post-COVID era.

Cloud N Clear

How the Google Maps Platform Changes Business Models and the Future

Francisco Irao has been involved in selling IT solutions for over 20 years, with 17 of them being at Google. Newly minted as Head of Channel and Direct Sales of Americas for Google Geo Enterprise and Google Maps Platform, Irao joins CnC to discuss how Google differentiates itself from an engineering and product standpoint, within a growing sea of Maps providers in order to support the narrative of better serving customers. Irao dives into the ‘existential flexibility’ of Maps, the changes we’ve seen over the years, and the increasing Total Addressable Market for the Maps Platform. He also gives us a glimpse into what the future has in store for Google Maps and how it is continuously changing business models.

Cloud N Clear

Partner Marketing Pivots During a Time of Crisis

In the first episode hosted by SADA CMO, Narine Galstian, special guest Kayla Spiess, Head of Partner Marketing, Americas at Google Cloud, joins to discuss pivoting partner marketing during a time of crisis. Despite the disruption COVID-19 has caused, now is a great opportunity for organization’s to reevaluate their digital marketing strategy and fine their tune priorities. Spiess explains how Google Cloud and its partners are repositioning their stance during this time to adopt a “serve not sell” customer narrative. She also discusses some of the secrets to her successful leadership style, collaborative team culture, and the ever-growing partner ecosystem at Google Cloud.

Cloud N Clear

Leading People and High Performing Partnerships at Google

"Eric Rosenkranz is an award-winning software industry leader with a record of sustained performance leading teams, closing complex commercial deals, and landing break-through opportunities. For the past three years, he’s been at Google Cloud focusing on building and managing high-performing partnerships across North America. In this episode, Eric discusses the development of the partner ecosystem that he has witnessed over the years and what makes teams and partnerships successful.

Suite Bits

Filter By Color in Google Sheets

Sometimes it’s the small updates that have the biggest impact on your end users. Learn how to filter rows by color in Google Sheets to easily sort your spreadsheets.

Cloud N Clear

Simplifying Data Lakes to Accelerate Digital Transformation

When it comes to storing big data, the two most popular options are data warehouses or data lakes--but what’s the difference between the two? Ashish Thusoo, Co-Founder and CEO of Qubole, breaks down everything you need to know about data lakes and how they can create more value for customers by accelerating digital transformation. In this age where “data is the new oil”, how are companies like Qubole shortening the path for customers to easily leverage the power of their data so they don’t get left in the dust?

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