Cloud can empower you to transform the way you work, give you access to data to make better decisions, and scale your business to reach your goals. But how do you harness its maximum potential? Our experts are at the forefront of thought leadership, sharing their perspective and best practices, and participating in events designed to help you create the shortest path to long-lasting impact.

Google Gears Up For a Partner-Centric Strategy

"SADA Alumni, Kyla Hunts, leads PSO Partner Programs at Google Cloud and is based out of the Spruce Goose office in Los Angeles. In this episode, we discuss the importance of expanding the talent pool in high tech, growing up in Silicon Valley, how to break into the industry, and Google Cloud PSO's partner strategy for 2020. With the new program launch of Partner Success Services, Google gears up for a partner-centric strategy in delivering services. We also discuss what to look forward to in 2020 as Google Cloud hones in on developing industry solutions and reports the size of its cloud business in the latest earnings call.

Bringing the Power of Google Search to the Enterprise

"SADA's Director of Google Enterprise Search, Chad Johnson, is responsible for the growth of the Google Enterprise Search line of business, including the transition to Google's Cloud Search replacement for the Google Search Appliance. He joins this episode to discuss how he got into the world of Search, how Enterprise Search has transformed over the years, customizations that improve the customer experience, and more. We also discuss Contact Center AI and how Cloud Search helps agents quickly search through the organization's knowledge base.

Driving Adoption and Integration Through People, Not Technology

"Travis Hahler has an interesting background that paved his path toward his current role as Americas Change & Culture Lead at Google Cloud. After studying psychology and business, Travis worked for a wide variety of organizations ranging from small boutique firms to Deloitte before he started working at Google. In this episode, he discusses what PSO is all about, the importance of change management, and driving adoption through people rather than technology. Change management is all about investing in your people and Travis explains how this can transform company culture.

SADA’s Value with Channel Partners

"Just shy of his one year anniversary at SADA, Director of Inside & Channel Sales, Billy Franz, joins us to discuss his leadership style, the culture he has cultivated, and the importance of team diversity. He built the Inside Sales Team last year at SADA (almost from scratch) that ended up sourcing tens of millions of dollars of pipeline. How? He explains everything from empathy and gratitude in leadership to sales execution. He also describes what it’s like being the only provider in the Channel community that is solely focused on Google Cloud and the value SADA holds with Channel partners.

Building SADA’s G Suite Engineering Team

Kelly Harlan now runs the Engineering team for SADA's Work Transformation (G Suite, Chrome) practice - but she didn't start there. Here with us over 6.5 years, Kelly started on the helpdesk as part of our Enterprise Support organization as her first role - taking 100% of the G Suite calls! That experience landed her in the delivery organization, and then Colgate, really put both her AND SADA on the map in a major way. She talks about the growth she's seen with customers, how projects have changed, and also how she maintains engineering culture in her now very distributed team all over the US and Canada.

What Makes Google Cloud Unique & Why Partners Are Crucial to Google’s Go-To-Market Strategy

Relatively new to Google Cloud, Rob Harper leads Channel Sales for the organization in North Central. On this episode, we discuss what makes Google Cloud unique, why Rob moved across the country to take this role, what he's seen so far, and what he thinks the future holds. We also discuss what makes the alignment with partners so important in Google's go-to-market strategy, and what makes partners stand out.

How The Cloud Powers This 16-Year-Old Racing Phenomenon

SADA has been a proud sponsor of Steven Aghakhani, the Youngest Racer in Super Trofeo history, for years now. He joins us on this episode to talk about his determination, passion and undeniable talent for racing. The future looks very promising for this driven 16-year-old as he approaches the Laguna Seca on September 14th/15th. See how Steven and his team optimize racing and strategy based on telemetry data using BigQuery and visualizing in Data Studio. While this is just scratching the surface, SADA is excited to see how far the power of car-generated data can take him.

Google Cloud’s Evolution in a Data-Driven, Hyper-Scale, Enterprise Environment

Join Cloud N Clear's first episode with a Googler, Omar Dajani, Head of Partner Engineering for the Americas at Google Cloud. There have been a lot of changes within the Google Cloud organization the past few years in order for it to become ready for the enterprise. Omar discusses these changes and how the new consumption model has changed the go-to-market strategy and relates to the Infinite Game. He also shares his views of what he thinks Google Cloud will look like in the near future and what the market should be looking out for. This is one you don't want to miss!

How Google Cloud Computing Enables Digital Pioneers to Develop the Next Generation of Display Technology

Meet Ryan Damm, CEO and Co-Founder of Visby - a developer of holographic imaging technology intended to build video capture, compression, and display technology based on light fields. Ryan explains how the company's technology can be used to capture unique VR images through full-scale professional camera arrays, and how the future of how we consume video is linked to this technology. Ryan also explains the technical hurdles Visby has been overcoming, and how GCP has been essential in the continued development of light field technology.

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