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SADA's Cloud n Clear Podcast


Cloud n Clear is a SADA podcast for innovative business leaders and technology enthusiasts exploring how Google Cloud is transforming the industry. Hosted by SADA's CEO, Tony Safoian.

Photo of Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA

Today, every organization is facing challenges to stay relevant and be innovative in a landscape that’s more competitive than ever. Cloud has democratized access to the most advanced technology available to help leaders tackle these challenges. But how do you evaluate, design, test, and deploy these technologies in the enterprise successfully? The Cloud n Clear podcast explores the journey of SADA at the tip of the spear in helping organizations transform the way their people work, and the way their industry goes to market in the context of Google Cloud. It features experts from SADA, partners, and our customers discussing and debating what digital transformation means in the real world.

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