3 new Google Maps mobility solutions to improve deliveries

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Whether you’re trying to chart the fastest way from point A to B in rush hour traffic, or are curious to follow your  dinner delivery as your driver makes their way to your door, Google Maps has become indispensable to keep track of where you are and where you’re headed. 

During the pandemic, more delivery businesses embraced increasingly sophisticated logistics and mobility solutions that incorporate real-time data. We’re excited to share three promising enhancements to Google Maps that have arrived just in time to help businesses ensure more efficient, timely deliveries. 

1. On-Demand Rides and Deliveries (ODRD)

This powerful new development toolkit empowers developers to get the most out of real-time data. It’s not just about making sure such data is available; the data must be put to good use. The On-Demand Rides and Deliveries toolkit offers multiple features to ensure smart data integration, including:  

  • Route Planning & Dispatch. Users can book a ride or place an order with fast, accurate route and ETA calculations and reliable pickup points, using the Google Maps interface they know and trust.
  • Driver Routing & Navigation. Integrate Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation into apps with features including two-wheel vehicle routes and live traffic.
  • Address Context & Validation. Identify the best pickup or drop-off points for easier ridesharing meetups and more efficient deliveries.
  • Task Tracking. Allows users to track drivers’ routes in real time.
  • Fleet Analytics & Debugging. Retroactively visualize and debug vehicle location, speed, dwell times, and location accuracy.

2. Last Mile Fleet Solution (LMFS) 

No other stage of the delivery is more important to get right than the last mile. Google Maps Platform Last Mile Fleet Solution development toolkit is designed for apps that power first and last mile delivery fleets, and includes APIs and SDKs that can integrate applications for mapping, routing, and places functionality. A backend service helps orchestrate deliveries across drivers, customers, and fleet operations teams. This is the toolset you need if you’re looking to optimize the management of entire fleets. 

3. Cloud Fleet Routing (CFR)

This is where the power of Maps and Google Cloud truly becomes apparent. It’s one thing to manage the routes of a fleet in order to get orders to customers on time. It’s another challenge to ensure those routes are optimized to reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate other inefficiencies. With such features as AIs that calculate more accurate ETAs, Cloud Fleet Routing allows developers to create solutions that optimize efficiencies and save on operational costs as well as time. 

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