Google Cloud Next 2024

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    The tech world crackles with anticipation for Google Cloud Next 2024. This flagship conference promises groundbreaking announcements, visionary insights, and a vibrant community of cloud enthusiasts from around the globe. Discover why Google Cloud Next 2024 is THE must-attend cloud event of the year.

    What is Google Cloud Next?

    Among global conferences, Google Cloud Next stands as the ultimate summit for cloud technology. This is where IT leaders, developers, cloud architects, and executives driving cloud strategy converge. Immerse yourself in leading cloud technologies, Google Services, and the ever-evolving Google Cloud Platform. Expect insightful keynotes, hands-on demos, expert access, and unparalleled networking. Consider it your deep dive into the expansive Google Cloud ecosystem, where you'll discover the latest innovations and best practices.

    Google Cloud Next 2024
    When and where is Goolge Cloud Next 2024

    When and where is Google Cloud Next 2024?

    Google Cloud Next 2024 lands in Las Vegas! Join us April 9-11 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, where innovation meets excitement. Prepare for immersive learning, networking, and a taste of the legendary Vegas energy.

    Who’s coming to Google Cloud Next 2024?

    Google Cloud Next 2024 is the ultimate gathering for the cloud community! Expect a diverse and influential crowd, including:

    • C-level executives (CXOs): Founders, IT leaders, and top executives seeking strategic cloud insights.
    • Cloud architects and IT professionals: Professionals ready to design, deploy, and manage cutting-edge cloud solutions.
    • Developers and engineers: Innovators eager to build and optimize applications on the Google Cloud platform.
    • Data specialists: Analysts and engineers looking to harness the power of analytics, AI, and machine learning for data-driven insights.
    • World-class Google Cloud experts: Consultants from leading partners like SADA, ready to offer personalized guidance and insights.
    • Partners and enthusiasts: Google Cloud partners and anyone passionate about staying ahead of the curve in cloud technology.

    Who will be speaking at Google Cloud Next 2024?

    While the full speaker lineup for Google Cloud Next 2024 is yet to be revealed, expect a star-studded roster of industry leaders and innovators. You'll likely hear from top Google Cloud executives, including CEO Thomas Kurian, sharing strategic vision and the latest platform advancements. Additionally, expect insightful keynotes from tech luminaries, customer success stories presented by leading companies, and breakout sessions led by Google engineers and cloud experts offering deep dives into niche solutions and applications.

    • Google Cloud executives: Senior leadership, including Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, will drive the keynotes with insights into the company's vision and upcoming products.
    • Industry experts: Thought leaders and practitioners will share their experiences and the latest cloud landscape trends.
    • Google engineers and product managers: Get in-depth technical knowledge straight from the source, with sessions led by the people behind Google Cloud's innovations.
    • SADA experts and customers: Learn from Google Cloud specialists at SADA, and hear firsthand from their customers about transformative cloud journeys.
    Who will be speaking at Google Cloud Next 2024

    What are the kinds of sponsors and exhibitions that will be present at Google Cloud Next 2024?

    You can expect a diverse and impressive lineup based on past trends, including Marquee Sponsors like SADA. Here's what you're likely to find:

    • Top-tier cloud solutions providers
    • Innovative startups with niche Google Cloud offerings
    • Consulting firms specializing in cloud transformation

    Remember, the value of Google Cloud Next extends beyond the individual sponsors. This is the very best chance to:

    • Discover new technologies: Find cutting-edge tools and solutions that can enhance your cloud strategy – and be sure to visit SADA's Cloud Concierge booth for personalized guidance on how to tap into the cloud to make a profound impact on your mission.
    • Network with industry leaders: Connect with potential partners, vendors, and like-minded individuals.
    • Explore hands-on demos: Get a feel for different solutions with interactive demonstrations.

    What kind of sessions are there at Google Cloud Next 2024?

    What kind of sessions are there at Google Cloud Next 2024

    You can expect a diverse and informative lineup. Anticipate a mix of keynotes by Google executives covering the company's vision and latest advancements, alongside breakout sessions led by industry experts and Google engineers offering deep dives into specific cloud solutions. Look out for inspiring customer success stories highlighting real-world implementations of Google Cloud, as well as hands-on labs and workshops for getting practical experience. Additionally, Google Cloud partners like SADA often host sessions showcasing their expertise and client success stories. Here's a breakdown of the main focus areas:

    • Keynotes: Major announcements, product reveals, and future-focused discussions from Google executives.
    • Technical breakouts: Choose from a myriad of breakout sessions covering technical aspects of Google Cloud (machine learning, data analytics, infrastructure, security, etc.).
    • Executive tracks: Sessions focused on cloud strategy, leadership, and business transformation.
    • Partner sessions: Spotlights and presentations by Google Cloud partners. You can view SADA’s sessions here.
    • Hands-on labs and training: Practical workshops for diverse skill levels.

    What to look forward to at Google Cloud Next 2024: Will it be worth it?

    Google Cloud Next has been one of those consistently great clouds in the conference world, and all the buzz around the event for 2024 suggests it will be no different. With the introduction of "multi-cluster horizontal scaling" as a highlight, the conference is set to offer insights into how this advanced scaling technique can optimize cloud resources across multiple clusters, enhancing performance and efficiency for cloud-native applications.

    The generative AI spotlight

    Expect a major theme to be generative AI. Expect Google to have big contributions in this area, meaning attendees are likely to see breaking product announcements or new capabilities weaved into existing Google Cloud services.

    Targeted learning

    The power of Google Cloud Next lies in the diversity of the session catalog. Most probably, something is tailored to you, be it a technical deep dive, strategic insights, or an exploration of niche topics.

    Unmatched networking

    Connecting with other cloud professionals, building partnerships, and finding potential collaborators is a core benefit. The scale of Google Cloud Next attracts an impressive crowd.

    The "Aha!" Moment

    Serendipitous discoveries are common at conferences. You may stumble upon a solution you didn't know existed, spark an idea from a chance conversation, or get clarity on a lingering problem.

    Why should you attend Google Cloud Next 2024?

    Why should you attend Google Cloud Next 2024

    The event is a must-attend for any serious professional or organization across a broad spectrum—those who are already leveraging Google Cloud services such as Google Distributed Cloud and Google Workspace in their infrastructure, software development teams, security professionals, and those planning to integrate these services. Its prime role is to provide the latest information, receive specialized training, and gain insights from Google experts, making it an invaluable resource for Google Cloud customers and any organization interested in maximizing the use of Google Cloud services. This ensures that attendees fully benefit from the platform, keeping them at the forefront of technological advancements and best practices in cloud computing.

    Google Cloud Next is focused on the edge of moving to the cloud or planning to venture into the cloud and offers a very broad look at the Google cloud ecosystem. This conference is also ideal for professionals wanting to advance in their fields. As cloud technologies advance rapidly, Google Cloud Next offers a front-row seat to the latest trends and innovations shaping the industry's future.

    Leverage attendee insights: Discover who’s attending Google Cloud Next 2024 and plan for success

    Knowing who is attending comes in handy, for your experience during Google Cloud Next 2024 will be better. The event brings together a varied audience: top executives, decision-makers, technical experts, and Google Cloud partners, as well as your peers in similar roles. It is an excellent opportunity for those seeking approval for a cloud project or those looking for new partnership possibilities with key decision-makers and executives.

    Similarly, the interaction with technical gurus like Google Cloud engineers and architects gives insight and knowledge to provide an ideal environment for them to dig deeper into their technical expertise or solve complex challenges.

    Leverage attendee insights: Discover who’s attending Google Cloud Next 2024 and plan for success

    Explore the expo hall, where Google Cloud partners showcase their latest solutions and services. This is your chance to discover tools that can unlock your organization's full cloud potential.

    Above all, Google Cloud Next fosters valuable connections. Network with peers, discuss challenges, and share insights. Interactions at Google Cloud Next can take the form of formal sessions and casual chats, possibly leading to innovative collaborations and long-term career growth.

    Points to keep in mind during Google Cloud Next 2024 registration

    Want to get the most out of Google Cloud Next 2024? Careful preparation ensures this investment pays off. It’s important to assess your objectives for the attendance, identify the particular sessions and workshops which would be a benefit to your professional development or business strategy, and how the networking opportunities could be utilized to develop a partnership or gain deeper industry knowledge.

    Before registering, consider these key factors by asking yourself the following questions:

    • Cost: Can I afford the expenses involved? Don't forget to factor in tickets, travel, and accommodation alongside the potential benefits.
    • Time commitment: Can I dedicate the necessary time? The conference and potential travel require a significant chunk of your schedule.
    • Your specific goals: What do I hope to achieve? Do you want to learn new skills, network with peers, or explore specific Google Cloud products?

    Start your Google Cloud Next 2024 planning today!

    Plan your visit to Google Cloud Next 2024 and what to do during after hours

    Plan your visit to Google Cloud Next 2024 and what to do during after hours

    Google Cloud Next 2024 is more than just sessions – make the most of your trip with these planning tips for both learning and unwinding in vibrant Las Vegas.

    Logistics first: Book flights and hotels early, especially for a popular destination like Vegas. This ensures better rates and availability.

    Choose your learning adventure: The conference program is released in advance. Strategically select sessions that match your goals, and have backups in case things fill up! Mapping out sessions that align with your interests and professional goals is crucial.

    Network beyond the sessions: Beyond the structured sessions and workshops, Google Cloud Next 2024 also offers valuable after-hours networking opportunities. These informal events provide a relaxed environment to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential partners, making them a vital component of the conference experience.

    Cloud by day, Vegas by night: If time allows, explore all that Las Vegas offers – from dazzling shows and top-tier restaurants to unique attractions like the Neon Museum. From a city known for its shows and casinos to the world-renowned dining scene and seeing the sights, one is never short of ways to cut loose and blow off some steam after an invigorating day of learning and networking.

    Google Cloud Next 2024: travel and accommodation tips

    Strategic planning will make your Google Cloud Next 2024 experience smoother and more enjoyable. Since this high-profile event takes place in bustling Las Vegas, consider these factors:


    • Book early: Las Vegas hotels fill quickly, especially around major events. Book in advance for the best choice and rates.
    • Location: Hotels near Mandalay Bay Convention Center offer maximum convenience. Consider staying slightly further away if budget is a major concern.
    • Conference deals: Google Cloud Next may have negotiated rates with partner hotels. Check their website for options.

    Travel essentials

    • Comfortable gear: You'll be doing a lot of walking – prioritize comfy shoes!
    • Stay hydrated: Pack a reusable water bottle and snacks to stay energized.
    • Networking ready: Have plenty of business cards on hand.
    • Charged up: Investigate venue Wi-Fi and bring a portable charger to stay connected.
    Google Cloud Next 2024: travel and accommodation tips

    How does Google Cloud Next empower developers?

    Google Cloud Next offers developers a wealth of tools, insights, and connections to streamline their work. Here's what you can expect:

    • Skill development: Educational sessions and hands-on labs led by Google Cloud experts accelerate your learning.
    • Community power: Network with cloud enthusiasts and problem-solve alongside peers and Google specialists.
    • Staying ahead: Explore the latest in Google Workspace, Distributed Cloud, generative AI, and more – ensuring your solutions are cutting-edge.
    • Igniting innovation: Discover how to optimize your workflows and deliver exceptional customer experiences in the dynamic cloud landscape.

    Ready to level up your development game? Join us at Google Cloud Next 2024 and unlock your cloud potential. Register today!


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