Google Cloud Learning Platform

Engineered for student and educator success


Student success takes off in the cloud


A cost-effective platform to develop next-generation applications and services for students, educators, and institutions.


A flexible, modular platform built on Kubernetes with a common data model and analytics layer to integrate different education applications.


A single, unified data platform that empowers students, educators, and administrators to make informed decisions to ensure learner success.

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Cloud Learning Solutions

Lifting a cohort of digital native learners to their highest potential means applying the art of teaching in a deeply connected, data-driven world. Call upon SADA’s cloud expertise to design, deploy, and maintain systems that empower and enrich your curriculum. From leveraging AI tutors to using analytics to better understand outcomes, custom teaching tools are ready for any classroom.

Learner Record Store

The central hub of your learning ecosystem, where you gather data from all your learning systems, applications, and content.

AI Tutor

Powerful artificial intelligence tools with custom learning activities, chat, coaching, and course planning support.

360-degree learner analytics

Providing insightful analysis and reporting of data from disparate learner and faculty applications to enhance courses and support instruction.

Learning Management System

Flexible platform that supports e-learning activities for today’s remote and hybrid education models.

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When it comes to seamlessly integrating technology into your curriculum, classroom, or administration, you’ve got a champion. Your dedicated team of SADA cloud transformation experts will start by understanding your organization’s unique goals and help you build the solution that best serves your students. Ongoing support and services post-deployment ensure that your staff never falls behind. We’re here to help with your most complex technology challenges.

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