SADA's community of innovation

Best practices, inspired visions, and mutually beneficial solutions begin when we come together to share the transformative power of the cloud. Join and explore our community of groundbreakers.



SADA's community of innovation

Best practices, inspired visions, and mutually beneficial solutions begin when we come together to share the transformative power of the cloud. Join and explore our community of trailblazers.



Making big bets on the most innovative and transformative cloud platform, SADA has gone all-in with Google Cloud, delivering excellence across the entire portfolio of products. No matter your business challenge or objective, our team of Google Cloud certified experts will provide the shortest path to the most impact.

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Learn how SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program can help you empower your technical teams, extend your market reach, and enrich your sales pipeline.



Health Data Quality Management

Since 1998, 4medica® has been solving challenges around health data quality, enabling healthcare organizations to achieve real-time clinical interoperability. The company’s Health Data Quality Management Platform facilitates identity management and patient-centric data exchange to ensure the right data is captured at the right time, guaranteeing…

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Cyber Deception Leader

Acalvio, the leader in cyber deception technology, helps enterprises actively defend against advanced security threats. Acalvio Active Defense Platform, built on 25 issued patents in autonomous deception and advanced AI, provides robust solutions for Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Advanced Threat Defense for IT…

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SaaS Security Posture Management

AppOmni is the leading provider of enterprise level SaaS security. Its patented technology and Developer Platform make it easy for security and IT teams to protect and monitor their entire SaaS environment, across all standard and custom SaaS applications. AppOmni deeply scans APIs, security controls,…

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Blue Triangle

Digital Experience Monitoring

Blue Triangle is a leading Software-as-a-Service Digital Experience Management platform providing real-time website monitoring and analysis to uniquely quantify how webpage performance impacts revenue, conversion, and abandonment rates causing revenue leakage.

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eCommerce-as-a-Service (ECaaS) Provider is the world’s first end-to-end ecommerce platform, built to help brands of all sizes grow and thrive online. Our fully integrated suite of software, services and infrastructure accelerates business growth while allowing our customers to retain control of the brand promise and customer experience…

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Chili Piper

Meeting Lifecycle Automation Platform

Chili Piper is a leading inbound conversion platform, fueling today’s high-growth B2B revenue teams. With instant speed-to-lead, routing, booking, and handoff capabilities, it enables a fast and efficient handoff from marketing to sales. Teams convert more inbound leads while spending less on marketing with Chili…

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Concourse Labs


Concourse Labs provides the Security-as-Code platform that empowers enterprises to systematically manage and reduce cloud security risk, while accelerating innovation and cloud adoption. With comprehensive out-of-the-box policy based on industry standards and best practice, as well as easy-to-use control and policy creation capabilities, Concourse Labs…

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Data Delivery & Operations

Crux offers a managed data engineering service that helps companies scale their most critical data delivery, operations, and transformation needs. Our cloud-based technology stack accelerates the flow of data between data consumers and suppliers, ensuring you get the data you need, how you need it…

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Cysiv provides security operations center (SOC)-as-a-Service to organizations and service providers that need advanced, 24/7 cyber threat detection and remediation for on-premise, cloud, container and serverless environments. Cysiv uniquely combines its cloud-native, co-managed, next-gen SIEM platform, with vendor-agnostic telemetry, advanced data science and automation, actionable…

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Enghouse Interactive (Vidyo)

CCAI & Video Conferencing

Vidyo is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a software and services company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:ENGH). Vidyo enriches people’s lives by embedding real-time video into digital communications in the moments that matter most. Millions of people around the world connect visually…

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No-Code Marketing AI

Faraday produces enterprise-grade AI predictions to accelerate any b2c company’s consumer growth and engagement outcomes. Premier digital native and heritage brands alike benefit from Faraday’s consumer Propensity, Persona, and Value predictions to grow revenue. Built on Google BigQuery, and fueled by responsible 3p data, Faraday…

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Digital Experience Intelligence

FullStory’s digital experience analytics platform enables businesses to continuously improve their digital customer experience across sites and apps. The platform proactively surfaces actionable insights from billions of data points, helping product teams make digital improvements that reduce costs and reclaim revenue. FullStory’s industry-leading technology is…

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Behavioral Change Technology

The fastest path to improvement is personalized coaching in the flow of work—and Humu does just that. By combining Nobel-prize winning science & technology, Humu pinpoints the behaviors that make every team effective & nudges managers & employees to build the habits that lead to…

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Data Protection Platform

HYCU is the fastest-growing leader in the multi-cloud data protection as a service industry. By bringing true SaaS-based data backup and recovery to both on-premises and cloud-native environments, the company provides unparalleled data protection, migration, disaster recovery and ransomware protection to thousands of companies worldwide….

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Idera (Qubole)

Multi-Cloud Data Analytics

Qubole is a simple, open, and secure Data Lake Platform for machine learning, streaming, and ad-hoc analytics. Our platform provides end-to-end services that reduce the time and effort required to run Data pipelines, Streaming Analytics, and Machine Learning workloads on any cloud. No other platform…

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Data Visualization

Incorta provides an all-in-one unified data and analytics platform that is built for business agility. Its unique technology unlocks the full potential of application data within complex source systems, eliminates traditional data transformation and aggregation steps, and delivers more usable data to the business. Incorta…

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Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) is an industry leader, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. Inspired by Moore’s Law, Intel continuously works to advance the design and manufacturing of semiconductors to help address customers’ greatest challenges. By embedding intelligence in the cloud, network,…

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Ironclad is a leading contract lifecycle management platform for innovative companies. L’Oréal, Staples, Mastercard, and other leading innovators use Ironclad to collaborate and negotiate on contracts, accelerate contracting while maintaining compliance, and turn contracts into critical carriers of operational business intelligence. It’s the only platform…

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

itopia enables work from anywhere with our leading cloud orchestration and automation solutions. From distributed employees, to students, to software developers, itopia removes the complexity and reduces the cost of delivering the cloud software, applications and infrastructure that people need to be productive and secure…

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Data-Driven Cloud Security

Lacework is the data-driven cloud security company. The Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform delivers end-to-end visibility and automated insight on risks across multicloud environments, collecting, analyzing, and correlating data. Customers depend on Lacework to drive revenue, bring products to market faster and safer, and consolidate security…

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Session Replay

In 2016, Matt Arbesfeld and Ben Edelstein were engineers frustrated by how difficult it was to understand their customers’ experience on the web. From their apartment, they launched LogRocket with the ambitious missions: Create a more perfect web experience. LogRocket allows your team to quickly…

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Social Intranet

LumApps helps enterprises streamline the modern digital employee experience. The company’s leading intranet and digital workplace platform intelligently connect people, information and applications to deepen business relationships and grow institutional knowledge. Built for enterprise scale and flexibility, LumApps features a responsive interface and highly-rated mobile…

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MariaDB frees companies from the costs, constraints and complexity of proprietary databases, enabling them to reinvest in what matters most – rapidly developing innovative, customer-facing applications. MariaDB uses pluggable, purpose-built storage engines to support workloads that previously required a variety of specialized databases. With complexity…

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Serverless Cache

Momento is a fast and truly serverless cache to accelerate modern cloud databases and cloud applications. With Momento you can instantly launch a fast, scalable, predictable, and secure cache in Google Cloud Platform. And Momento scales instantly to absorb traffic spikes, handles hot shards, and…

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New Relic

Observability / App Monitoring

As a leader in observability, New Relic empowers engineers with a data-driven approach to planning, building, deploying, and running great software. New Relic delivers the only unified data platform that empowers engineers to get all telemetry—metrics, events, logs, and traces—paired with powerful full stack analysis…

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Big Data Processing

Ocient enables Google Cloud customers to transform, load, and analyze complex and disparate data sets in interactive time and at the lowest possible cost. With Ocient, Google Cloud users can execute complex OLAP-style queries, ETL/ELT, and machine learning 10x-50x faster while accelerating the deployment of…

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Data Integration Platform

Onna helps enterprises transform unstructured data into business value. Onna’s data management platform provides a central workflow that spans across today’s workplace applications like Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and more, producing a unified set of data to analyze and act on. By connecting information…

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PacketFabric is redefining excellence in the Network as a Service category with our unrivaled platform on which solutions, businesses, outcomes, and innovations can be built. We create on-demand programmability within the network that provide businesses with complete control. Connect to the cloud or manage multi-clouds….

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Productivity Measurement

Prodoscore™ is a company dedicated to empowering teams to be more effective and productive, validated with improved performance and enhanced contributions. By providing visibility into employee activities through a single, easy-to-understand productivity score, a “prodoscore” is calculated to improve workforce productivity and streamline the employee…

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Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Technology

Prosimo delivers a simplified multi-cloud infrastructure for distributed enterprise cloud journeys. Companies innovate faster and remain in control with the Prosimo integrated stack. This stack combines cloud networking, performance, security, observability, and cost management—all powered by data insights and machine learning models with autonomous cloud…

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Quantum Metric

Digital Experience Analytics Platform

Quantum Metric helps organizations build better digital products faster. Our platform for Continuous Product Design gives business and technical teams a single version of truth that’s automatically quantified and based on what matters most — your customer’s perspective. The result: Teams are aligned, learn faster,…

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Real-Time Error Response

Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that enables developers to proactively discover and respond to issues in their code. With Rollbar, developers focus on deploying better software faster, knowing they can quickly respond to critical errors as they happen.

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NoSQL Database

ScyllaDB is the monstrously fast and scalable database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency. It enables teams to harness the ever-increasing computing power of modern infrastructures – eliminating barriers to scale as data grows. Unlike any other database, ScyllaDB is built…

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Collaborative Analytics

Sigma accelerates the time to value from cloud data with an intuitive spreadsheet driven experience with a live connection to your Cloud Data Warehouse. Sigma empowers business teams to explore live data independently, create pivot tables, and find insights that drive better, faster decisions. Sigma’s…

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Omnichannel AI Analytics

Sorcero is a leading omnichannel analytics and AI platform for life sciences. Its advanced AI-augmented insights enable 4 of the top 5 global pharmaceutical and biotech organizations to gain clarity and complete visibility on the efficacy and impact of their scientific engagement on patient outcomes….

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SaaS Security Platform

Spin.AI is a SaaS security company protecting enterprises against cloud ransomware, human error, and insider threats. SpinOne, the all-in-one SaaS security platform from Spin, protects SaaS data for mission critical apps– Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Slack –by reducing the risk of ransomware, shadow…

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Distributed SQL Query Engine

Starburst’s mission is to free our customers to see the invisible and achieve the impossible. For over a decade, and across three companies, our founding team has been focused on solving the pains of data access – it’s too slow, inflexible, and expensive. Starburst provides…

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Multi-channel Marketing Solutions

Stirista combines data, email, and digital execution to help clients acquire and retain customers by creating a data-driven, repeatable, and scalable marketing technology solution faster.

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Tasks, Chat, & Team Management

Swit is a Work OS that brings Collaboration Essentials into one place by coupling chat & tasks, the two major functions of our daily workflows, and by providing a frontend hub for enterprise platforms like Google Workspace with the highest interoperability. Swit is the first…

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Master Data Management

Tamr is a world leader in data mastering. We accelerate the business outcomes of the world’s largest organizations by powering analytic insights, boosting operational efficiency, and enhancing data operations. Tamr’s cloud-native solutions offer an effective alternative to traditional Master Data Management (MDM) tools, using machine…

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Multi-Cloud Database and Analytics Platform

Teradata is the connected multi-cloud data platform for enterprise analytics company. Our enterprise analytics solve business challenges from start to scale. Only Teradata gives you the flexibility to handle the massive and mixed data workloads of the future, today. The Teradata Vantage architecture is cloud…

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AI-powered CCaS

Thrio helps enterprises, BPOs, and service providers elevate customer and agent experiences, while giving supervisors and business unit leaders unparalleled control and flexibility. Thrio customers and partners see immediate benefit from our process orchestration tools, enabling powerful automations at every step of a customer journey….

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GraphDB Platform

TigerGraph is a platform for advanced analytics and machine learning on connected data. Based on the industry’s first distributed native graph database, TigerGraph’s proven technology supports advanced analytics and machine learning applications such as fraud detection, anti-money laundering (AML), entity resolution, customer 360, recommendations, knowledge…

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Analytics Automation

Trifacta is Google Cloud Dataprep. Trifacta delivers an intelligent collaborative, self-service data engineering cloud platform to transform data, ensure quality, and automate data pipelines, enabling consumable data at any scale.

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Email & File Encryption

As a Google-recommended encryption provider, Virtru empowers organizations to easily unlock the power of data while maintaining control, everywhere it’s stored and shared. Creators of TDF (Trusted Data Format), the open industry standard for persistent data protection, Virtru provides flexible, easy-to-use, and trusted privacy technologies…

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Intelligent Automation

WorkFusion is the leading provider of Intelligent Automation solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, insurance, and financial services companies. The company’s AI-enabled digital workers augment traditional teams through regular “human in the loop” interactions and with support from the WorkFusion Network, a powerful AI cloud…

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Ecosystem Business Management Platform

WorkSpan is a leading co-sell management network that empowers companies to turbocharge and scale their co-sell revenue growth. Partnership and Sales teams use WorkSpan’s secure SaaS solution to collaborate with partners on deals, exchange co-sell referrals from inside their CRM, manage shared pipeline, and track…

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Incident Management

xMatters service reliability platform helps DevOps, SREs, and operations teams automate workflows, ensure infrastructure and applications are always working, and rapidly deliver products at scale. Our code-free workflow builder, adaptive approach to incident management, and real-time performance analytics all support a single goal: the happiness…

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