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Material secures your productivity suite – Google Workspace

We provide a unified suite of cloud email security, user behavior analytics, posture management, and data loss prevention purpose-built to stop attacks and reduce risk in otherwise hard to address areas.

Your productivity suite isn’t just another application, it’s critical infrastructure – home to all of your people, content, and communications.  Securing it today typically requires a heavy set of disjointed attack wrangling, config wrangling, and data wrangling efforts. Material takes a holistic approach, better enabling you to:

– Stop sophisticated email attacks with multi-layered intelligent defenses
– Prevent regulated data exposure with smart data classification & access controls
– Remediate risky users & configurations with advanced analytics & reports
– Combat Shadow IT usage with insights into user behaviors & app usage

Material was started in response to the 2016 election hacks, is backed by Andreesen Horowitz, and protects companies of all kinds across highly regulated and competitive industries including Mars, MassMutual, Databricks, Stripe, and more.

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