Migrate, modernize, and transform your business with the power of Google Cloud.

We power performance

Customer data protection

Protect customers with a security strategy that builds trust.

Risk reduction

Reduce risk with modern security tooling and cloud posture management.

Security management

Detect breaches and correct misconfigurations faster and at scale.


Plus 5 vital questions to bring to every security meeting

Digital transformation

Chart the best path forward to innovate at scale.

Application migration

Boost user and customer satisfaction with improved app performance.

Cost optimization

Identify opportunities to align cloud spend with your business goals.


Download this report for key trends, insights, and strategies for managing and optimizing cloud computing resources in 2023 and beyond.

Workplace transformation

Deploy Google Workspace's fully integrated, cloud-native apps.

Secure collaboration

Enable seamless, secure team collaboration from anywhere.

Change management

Accelerate user adoption with unrivaled change management services.

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Your blueprint for empowering your teams with a secure and scalable platform for productivity and collaboration is here. Download our ebook, and start building a comprehensive transformation plan for your business

Business intelligence

Put data at the center of your business transformation.

Real-time data

Make data more useful and accessible by analyzing event streams in real time.

Data Center Modernization (DCM)

Strategize, execute, and maintain a comprehensive DCM plan.


Download this eBook to learn about migrating your data warehouse to the cloud and get insight into data warehousing strategies and trends.


We're proud to support leaders across all industries as they transform their organizations, including those in data-sensitive verticals like finance, government, retail, and healthcare.

Ride-sharing Platforms in Cloud
Cloud-based Art Galleries

The SADA team brought a 'get it done' mindset to the table and was able to work on an aggressive timeline and deliver success. We couldn't be more enthusiastic about this partnership and the success we know we'll be able to achieve together in the future.

Chase Zieman

Co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer at

Google Cloud VPN Gateway
Google Cloud Translation API

SADA constantly searches for new ways for employees to collaborate and be creative while ensuring that we get the most from our investment in Google Workspace.

Mike Ford

SVP of Software Development & Systems Engineering, Sony Pictures Imageworks


I looked at SADA throughout this engagement as an extension of my team. The SADA team was very hands-on, collaborative, and easy to work with. They didn't just take our order and go back to the kitchen and do their thing. They showed us the recipe and taught us how the dish is made.

Asif Rahman

Vice President of Digital Analytics and Audience at AccuWeather

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