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Episode 174

Decoding Multi-Cloud Integration for Technology Leaders with SADA and Insight

  • Miles Ward

    CTO at SADA, An Insight Company

  • Juan Orlandini

    CTO at Insight Enterprises

March 5, 2024

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Join Miles Ward, CTO of SADA, and Juan Orlandini, CTO at Insight, in an enlightening episode of Cloud and Clear, where they delve deep into the evolving multi-cloud environment. In this episode, they dive deep into the evolving landscape of multi-cloud technology, sharing insights and experiences from their respective careers. They explore the journey of customers transitioning to multi-cloud environments, the importance of a pragmatic approach to technology, and the role of culture in adopting new technological practices.

From discussing the intricacies of cloud maturity models to the impact of FinOps and DevOps on cloud strategy, Miles and Juan offer a comprehensive look into the challenges and opportunities presented by multi-cloud adoption. Whether you’re a cloud enthusiast, a business looking to optimize your cloud strategy, or someone interested in the future of technology, this episode is packed with valuable information and perspectives. Don’t miss out on their expert advice and the chance to learn from two leaders in the cloud computing space.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the cloud maturity model and its stages.
  • The role of FinOps and DevOps in cloud cost management and operational efficiency.
  • Practical insights on multi-cloud management, security, and application development.
  • Future trends in cloud computing and advice for organizations at different stages of cloud adoption.

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Host: Miles Ward | CTO at SADA, An Insight Company
Guest: Juan Orlandini | CTO at Insight Enterprises

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