Creating Company Culture Through Dynamic Team Building

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Creating company culture through team building
Not your standard corporate team building activities.

Creating team building opportunities for employees to be introduced on a personal level outside of the usual office setting increases productivity, communication, and employee engagement.

These activities can develop a deeper understanding of team roles and personalities. Recognizing each person’s strengths and weaknesses can lead to a stronger team dynamic, while the manager-employee relationship can improve significantly with successful team building.

Significance of Team Building

Walking through the SADA office on Halloween this year felt like we had been transported into another world. Snow White and her seven dwarfs were in one corner, the 7th-floor suite had turned into the set of Game of Thrones, and meetings were held by teams in rollerblades with full face paint. Many would ask – why the high level of participation over a holiday most offices leave to the kids? Team building of course! There is always something happening at SADA, due in large part to the importance our leadership puts on team building.

These activities help increase and maintain engaged employees, which overall helps a company’s bottom line. SHRM does a great job at quantifying the actual cost of employee turnover, further supporting the ROI of team building. Here at SADA, we do a great job of incorporating all of the different facets of team building throughout the year, which attributes to our company’s strong culture.

Team building at SADA Systems
SADA employees taking place in a variety of team building activities throughout the year.

The Evolution of Team Building

Team building activities have developed into fun activities that employees look forward to year after year. The key to successful team building is to acknowledge the mix of various personalities and offer different activities that capture interest based on those varying preferences.  

Our Microsoft sales VP, Mark Haddad, incorporated his team’s interest in technology by holding a VR night at the office. People Operations provided their team an opportunity for experiential learning through an escape room. The FastTrack team, known for their great team dynamic, have quarterly potluck dinners.

Jahnai Bilovsky, FastTrack Practice Lead, says, “It is essential to learn who people are outside of the office to better understand how they operate inside the office. I am so proud of the FastTrack team at SADA, not only for the work that they do every day but for the wonderful people they are. Our strong group dynamic can be largely attributed to these outside team building activities.” All of these different team activities help build relationships, improve communication, and break down any barriers holding back high functioning teams.

It is crucial to remember the importance of company-level activities as well, such as monthly happy hours, core value challenges, and volunteer opportunities with local charities. These give employees a chance to network with other employees outside of their team that they may not have a chance to connect with otherwise. The new form of cross-team collaboration may just be inspired by a pitcher of beer and side of tempura cauliflower. At SADA, we’ve found that the possibilities are endless.

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Sakura Takeda
People Operations Coordinator


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