The CIO’s New Journey: Fully Embracing the Cloud

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By Simon Margolis | Associate CTO, AI & ML

CIO’s New Journey: Fully Embracing the CloudIt’s no secret that cloud computing is radically changing how enterprises manage their technology investments and use data and applications to grow their businesses. While long a source of curiosity among CIOs who were reticent about diving in, it is now proving to be the most disruptive force in enterprise technology in a generation, and it continues to grow in importance.

Forward-thinking leaders recognize that the cloud is more than a tool, it’s a critical asset for an astute growth and sustainability strategy. It significantly lowers management and resource costs, and creates a more scalable and efficient platform for technology operations. By maintaining ownership of company data while being able to reliably and securely use critical computing, transaction and storage resources as needed, IT leaders are able to focus their energies on maximizing their applications and data for optimal business opportunities.

Spending on this  type of infrastructure reflects its importance and it is clear that market penetration is far beyond early adopters. Gartner estimates IT spending on cloud services will increase from $111 billion in 2016, to $216 billion in 2020. GCP now boasts some of the world’s leading brands, including Motorola, Coca Cola, Philips and Costco as its customers. As more organizations make this transition, we will see that the world’s data will increasingly live in a highly connected, yet secure, environment.

Decisions about how to manage organizational assets are complicated. There is certainly no cure-all that will ease every aspect of technology and business management, but careful investigation into the benefits and realities of moving to the cloud will help frame how to make the right decision for your organization. We invite you to review our series of briefs that will give you background and details on what moving to the cloud could mean for your business.

Want a deeper dive into this topic? Download our brief, “Top 5 Benefits of Moving from a Legacy System to the Cloud” today.

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