Flat-Rate Service Packages

“Flat-Rate” Services for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Four new packaged offerings at a flat rate are designed to help customers migrate to GCP faster and better, and with greater cost certainty.

This package is for companies eager to experience Google Anthos for 90 days. On the hardware side it includes custom-specified portable or rack-mounted compute infrastructure, purpose built for Anthos and the demanding modern workloads it supports. The software includes Google Anthos, VMware vCenter 6.5 and F5 Big-IP Virtual Edition. SADA will provide on-site installation of hardware, configure networking and software components at customer locations, as well as a hands-on lab, prep for Kubernetes courses, and an Anthos/Kubernetes-trained helpdesk.

This package is essentially Phase 2 of a customer’s Anthos implementation, refining a PoC environment into production-ready infrastructure for a full year. It includes everything from Anthos First Step as well as identification of production goals and stakeholders for readiness reviews, any additional equipment delivery and validation, systems integration, connectivity and storage configuration. It also includes integration with networking, security, and monitoring/reporting tooling, buildout of an ops runbook, and integration with CI/CD tooling and container deployment tests. Finally, it includes user-acceptance testing and production support for usage of Anthos. 

SADA will migrate customer’s VMs to GCP with this package. Customers get set-up of Velostrata appliances at existing AWS or VMware hosts and set-up of GCP, IAM, VPC and their Google Compute Engine environment. They also receive secure connectivity between their target and destination environments, and hands-on management of the migration and deployment of their VMs. SADA will also provide GCP 101 and GCE training. 

In this package, SADA will migrate a customer’s database infrastructure to GCP. SADA will create a detailed runbook and execution plan, provide hands-on support for data, schema, query, and access migration, powered by tooling from Alooma or Striim. We also include security, HA, performance, and compatibility testing for a customer’s database applications. In addition, SADA will provide GCP account setup/configuration, hands-on lab/training and named/dedicated support for white-glove migration experience. 

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G Suite Essentials - Keys

Try Essentials for Free Through September 30

Signing up for G Suite Essentials isn’t just easy; right now, it’s risk-free. Users can try Essentials at no charge through September 30, 2020.

G Suite Essentials Helps Teams Work Together From Anywhere

Being a part of a distributed team is the new normal, and people need easy-to-adopt tools that empower them to connect and collaborate from anywhere. With G Suite Essentials (Google Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides), you get everything you need to make remote teamwork more seamless and effective. It even works with your existing productivity solution — no email migration or domain verification required.

  • Works With Microsoft Office

    Avoid version conflicts by seeing if a teammate is editing an Office file, and get notified when it’s your turn to edit the file. Schedule and join meetings directly from the Outlook calendar with the Meet plug-in.

  • Easy Meeting Recording

    Connect with up to 250 meeting participants and record meetings directly to Drive, making it easy to share with those who couldn't attend. If you can’t catch it live, no problem – meetings can easily be recorded and saved to Drive, so you can watch and share later.

  • Drive File Stream

    Sync Drive files directly from the cloud with your Mac or PC, freeing up disk space and network bandwidth. Any changes you or your collaborators make are automatically updated and synced, so you’ll always have the latest version.

  • Work on Any Device, Anywhere

    G Suite Essentials apps are available on all major platforms, enabling you to work seamlessly across your browser, mobile device, tablet, and computer.

  • Offline Access

    If you don’t have access to the internet, no problem – you can still create, view, and edit files in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Any changes you make while offline will be automatically synced as soon as you have an internet connection.

  • Custom Surveys and Forms for Your Team

    Easily create surveys and forms to get valuable insights from your team, and analyze the data right away in Google Sheets.

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions to Fit Your Unique Business and Industry Needs

As one of the first Google Cloud launch partners, SADA's expertise spans the entire Google Cloud portfolio of products. Today, we are a global Google Cloud Premier Partner and a multi-year Partner of the Year Award recipient with a certified team of cloud experts to help you transform your business. No matter your business objective or your industry, we can help you find the right solution to enable your company to participate fully in the digital economy. 

Business Objective

Whether you’re looking to modernize your infrastructure, accelerate application development, improve productivity and collaboration, or better manage and optimize your data, SADA has a solution to fit your organization’s needs.


Whatever your challenge or use case, SADA’s expertise spans across all industries. Learn more about how our enterprise-grade solutions can help your organization gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

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