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Cloud Optimization

“SADA is the best place to learn how to do what we do; and we can get better at that every day.”
- Bob Bae, SADA University, Managing Director

SADA University is an 8-week training program designed to develop cloud infrastructure and data engineering talent from within our organization. With an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, the program’s mission is to onboard and up-skill new and existing members of our team to make an incredible impact on the performance of the customers we serve, while also continually improving, refocusing, and expanding that process as we learn more.

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    The curriculum is focused on data engineering in Google Cloud as well as topics related to business, sales, and customer success. Some specific student goals include:

    • Designing, building, and implementing data systems that fuel machine learning and AI analytics
    • Using existing tools/developing new tools to process data
    • Designing models and processes for data transformation
    • Managing data sources for reporting
    • Architecting/integrating a variety of tools to connect systems
    • Designing/administering database systems to secure info

    SADA has more access to industry professionals and enterprise Cloud opportunities than any other educational environment. Talent and the ability to learn are universal, but access and opportunity are not. With a focused SADA+GCP-salient curriculum, SADA U aims to bridge the gap between under-represented talent and meaningful job opportunities.

    At SADA, we believe true excellence requires an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Our mission is to up-skill team members for continued innovation in the tech ecosystem and beyond. SADA U is just one of our vehicles for driving our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

    “Heart, money, brain, earth; all are valuable. SADA U is the most valuable cloud training, for all the right values.” - Miles Ward, CTO, SADA


    After the first six weeks of instruction, the students dive into shadowing delivery teams to experience firsthand how we are helping our customers solve their business challenges.

    We work in cohorts, small groups working to learn together, focusing on specific skills in high demand from our ever-growing customer base. We've had cohorts learning Kubernetes, Cloud Infrastructure, Data Engineering, and we have future cohorts coming, not only in those same areas, but also in Looker Business Intelligence, Cloud Security, Applied ML, and whatever comes next in the future of cloud.


Cloud Analytics

Bob Bae

Managing Director, SADA U

As Managing Director of SADA U, Bob curates and teaches a comprehensive Cloud curriculum. His charter includes educating the next generation of engineers, equipping them with career-launching technical and vocational skills.


Cloud Compliance

Leilani Alvarez

Program Manager, SADA U

As Program Manager of SADA U, Leilani manages and curates SADA U operations, and drives the execution of initiatives that underpin a company-wide focus on DEIB.

Miles Ward

Miles Ward

Chief Technology Officer, SADA

As CTO at SADA, Miles leads SADA’s cloud strategy and solutions capabilities. His remit includes delivering next-generation solutions to challenges in big data and analytics, application migration, infrastructure automation, and cost optimization.

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