4 SADA customers charting new territory with Google Maps Platform

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google Maps Platform is enabling businesses to go beyond location data to location intelligence with versatile solutions that add value to their bottom line. Leveraging Google Maps Platform helps drive better business decisions with custom apps that enable your organization to visualize your important data, provide engaging and seamless end-user experiences, and more.

As a two-time Global Partner of the Year for Google Maps, SADA is known for our innovative work helping organizations create customized, engaging, location-based applications that empower users and provide better insights to propel businesses forward. Read on to learn how 5 of our customers are using Google Maps Platform’s real-world insights and immersive location experiences to chart new territory. 

1. Papa Johns enhances the customer experience by shortening time-to-door metrics

Papa John’s, a national restaurant brand, tapped us to help them build their customer-facing web and mobile apps with the Places API and Maps JavaScript API. When customers begin their delivery or takeout journey, they’re able to leverage the intuitive Autocomplete API for accurate address entry and then verify that address by displaying a Google map. Once the order is placed, Papa John’s internal driver-dispatch application leverages the Geocoding API and Directions API for accurate order processing and delivery scheduling. By using the Directions API, which calculates travel times based on real-time and historic traffic conditions, Papa John’s ensures that orders are processed, routed, and delivered in the most optimal way possible. Papa John’s is always trying to shorten their ‘time-to-door’ metrics, and Google Maps Platform is the foundation for this.

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2. HCA Healthcare accelerates COVID-19 response through a national portal

HCA Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S., sought to understand community outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus in a deeper and more proactive way and wanted to make that information accessible to its own hospitals, public health officials, businesses, and consumers. 

To improve how people could capture and share COVID-19 data, the organization decided to build a centralized data portal called the National Response Portal (NRP) for healthcare providers. To achieve its goal, HCA Healthcare worked closely with technology services provider SADA and Google Cloud. Google Maps Platform served as a foundation for the portal, as HCA Healthcare worked to connect data points across regions. Integrations established between the NRP and Google Maps Platform are helping people find the nearest doctor’s office, essential services, and more. Those same capabilities are also enabling robust projections for hot spots across the U.S. In addition, as COVID-19 can be more effectively tracked with the right visibility into travel behaviors and patterns, Google Maps Platform resonated with HCA Healthcare as a powerful tracing tool.

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3. City of Los Angeles uses Google Maps to inform and empower citizens

In need of a more effective strategy for communicating vital information to the diverse communities within its borders, the City of Los Angeles turned to Google Maps Platform. Maps enables the city to visually share with citizens the latest need-to-know information regarding mudslides, wildfires, and other events.

“We considered other mapping systems but chose Google Maps because of its wide public acceptance,” said Ted Ross, General Manager and Chief Information Officer, City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency. “We wanted to give residents a familiar map that they could access on a wide variety of devices to get the information they needed.”

Most recently, the city launched a homeless shelter map that leverages Google Maps and Sheets. Using the map, police officers can locate the nearest shelter. Clicking on the shelter’s blue dot on the map tells them if beds are available at that location, to prevent police officers from sending the homeless to shelters that can’t accommodate them.

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4. Geopointe provides sales teams with critical customer data using Google Maps APIs

Geopointe (formerly Arrowpointe), is one of the top geospatial/mapping applications available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Geopointe uses Google Maps Platform to help salespeople more effectively connect with clients by automatically scheduling trips based on client proximity and optimizing routes based on historic and real-time traffic. Additionally, with Geopointe, salespeople don’t have to worry about standardizing client address data; the Geocoding API does it for them. This saves salespeople a lot of time and frustration, especially those that service customers located in rural areas of the U.S. and/or international customers. Geopointe also allows organizations to plan geo-targeted marketing campaigns. Instead of piecing together different zip codes, a sales team can view everything in a specified metro area, add filters, view customer information on a map, and load that data into a marketing campaign.

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