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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

From accelerating application development to amplifying productivity and collaboration to using data to gain a competitive edge, we’ve helped thousands of businesses solve their biggest challenges and drive their performance to new heights. When it comes to Google Cloud, we’re not an add-on but a must-have, helping our customers reduce risk, optimize cost, save time, and amplify impact. Read on for 5 reasons why our customers say they decided to go all in with SADA:

1. Expertise

Vida Health brings together mental and physical healthcare through the best of technology and the human touch of therapists and coaches. The company turned to SADA for help migrating from AWS to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Here’s what Vida Health had to say about the engagement with SADA: 

“We couldn’t have done it without SADA. We took advantage of their expertise, which we did not have, and now we are poised for our next stage of business expansion.” — Amol Kher, CTO, Vida Health

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Gloo, a technology platform provider for institutions championing personal growth, turned to SADA for custom application development and professional services that enabled Gloo to future-proof their Church Analytics application and utilize the latest advances in the cloud. Gloo was thrilled with the level of expertise that SADA provided: 

“SADA’s ability to go from zero to 60 in terms of understanding the problem we were trying to solve, to look at the architecture we were going from, and to propose an architecture that we should go to, were the main reasons why we chose to work with SADA.”  Bill Hippenmeyer, COO, Gloo

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Visby, a startup with a mission to “capture the real world and play it back” using holographic imaging software, leveraged SADA’s expertise for their migration from AWS to GCP. SADA worked with Visby to ensure it overcame the scaling challenges it had encountered on AWS, and to position Visby to take advantage of Google’s unique hardware offerings to accelerate what is possible in mainstream light-field technology use cases. SADA’s support proved to be vital: 

“The expertise that SADA provides keeps us from spinning our wheels. When you’re building a tech company, it’s easy to assume that tech people are proficient in all areas. We don’t have the specialization skills on our team that could have successfully implemented our migration to GCP. Our partnership with SADA was born out of an intersection of circumstances that made everything come together perfectly. SADA is doing a great job – they’re knocking it out of the park.” Ryan Damm, CEO and Co-Founder, Visby

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2. Communication and personalized support

ME.ME, a content aggregation website that indexes internet memes from various online communities and social networking sites, turned to SADA for cloud consultation and services to assist with their migration from AWS to GCP. They were thoroughly impressed with the level of service that SADA provided: 

“SADA was a guarantee that our GCP migration was going to work. We didn’t just get a bunch of help tickets and credits; we could actually pick up the phone and talk to someone⁠ — it’s a partnership.” — Jim Hefner, CTO, ME.ME

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Axonify, a modern learning solution for frontline employees, leveraged SADA for help migrating 165 servers and 40 terabytes of relational databases across three diverse production environments from AWS to GCP within six months. The Axonify team was grateful to have SADA on their side:

“SADA really augments what Google Cloud provides. It’s quite impressive. We’re extremely happy to have SADA and Google Cloud on our side when we have questions or need hands-on help busting through an obstacle or a configuration. It’s a real advantage to have them on our team.”  — Phil Menary, Senior VP of Software Development, Axonify

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Kiana Analytics, a Silicon Valley-based scaleup that developed a COVID-19 exposure solution that helps reduce spread on college campuses, looked to SADA’s technical expertise for cost optimization over the long term. After engaging with SADA, Kiana has seen its GCP costs drop dramaticallydecreasing its cloud computing costs up to 40%. Kiana was thrilled with SADA’s personalized support: 

“I cannot overemphasize the role of support for Kiana Analytics. We get immediate and effective support from SADA. I can put in a regular support ticket via email and get help that way, but when I need an immediate response, it’s great that I can pick up the phone and reach my SADA point of contact on the first ring.” — Sebastian Andreatta, COO and Co-Founder, Kiana Analytics

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3. Seamless cloud migrations

Axonify also gave SADA rave reviews on the actual migration process, stating that SADA helped reduce risk:

“Moving from a platform that we’ve been operating on for years to another platform could have been risky, but SADA de-risked the transition for us and prevented us from making any newbie mistakes.” — Phil Menary, Senior VP of Software Development, Axonify

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Sony Pictures ImageWorks (SPI), which has created special effects and animations for some of the biggest movie releases in recent years, enlisted the support of SADA to migrate to Google Workspace. The SPI team was impressed with how seamless the process was:

”It was a highly complex project that impacted close to a thousand people, but SADA ensured that the changeover went without a hitch. This was vital given that the teams at SPI work nonstop and cannot afford a moment’s downtime.” Mike Ford, SVP of Software Development and Systems Engineering, SPI

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MakerBot, one of the largest desktop 3D printer manufacturers, turned to SADA for help migrating from AWS to GCP. They shared similar feedback to SPI, stating: 

“For me, working with SADA has been exceptional. I was surprised at how quick and painless the migration was. There was a clear deliverable, it was executed above expectation, and it worked.” — Erik Ahrend, Lead Cloud Architect, MakerBot

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4. Training and change management

Northgate Market, a family-owned chain of 40 supermarkets, tapped SADA’s expertise to migrate all of its servers from on-premises and from AWS to GCP. The company was appreciative of how SADA empowered their team with training: 

“SADA was very deliberate in showing us everything and how it worked, and how to maintain and extend it moving forward. They made sure we understood how to do it ourselves.” — Harrison Lewis, Chief Information and Privacy Officer, Northgate Market

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TrueCar, a digital automotive marketplace dedicated to price transparency for buyers of new and used cars, worked with SADA to migrate to Google Workspace.  The company turned to SADA because of our focus on not just deploying Google Workspace but also driving user adoption:

“SADA took change management very seriously and accommodated us with a mixture of on-site and remote training opportunities for our users. They had a very friendly and empathetic approach, but pushed new processes over replicating what people were used to in Outlook/Exchange. This is a very important part of such a big change.” — Justin Slaten, Senior Vice President of IT & Security, TrueCar

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When SADA helped Hunterdon Healthcare migrate 3,000 users to Google Workspace, Hunterdon stated that SADA’s collaborative approach toward workforce training was instrumental in helping employees get over the hump of change: 

“SADA has really helped due to their deep knowledge of the product and how it’s used in other places. The one-to-one environment for learning has been very effective to change old behaviors.” — Daniel Morreale, VP & CIO, Hunterdon Healthcare

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5. Google Cloud optimization

SPI appreciated that even after their migration to Google Workspace, SADA was there to help them get the most out of Google Cloud: 

“SADA constantly searches for new ways for employees to collaborate and be creative while ensuring that we get the most from our investment in Google Workspace.” — Mike Ford, SVP of Software Development & Systems Engineering, SPI

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When SADA helped FoodJets, a food delivery platform, migrate from AWS to GCP, FoodJets expressed that they were pleased with the ongoing support they received from SADA to help them optimize their infrastructure:

“SADA used their technical expertise, guidance, and years of experience working with companies in related spaces to make our migration from AWS smooth, and they continue to help us make the most out of GCP and minimize our costs. I have a call with our Technical Account Manager (TAM) every two weeks to make sure we’re always on top of things.” Veer Singh, CTO, FoodJets

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Kravet, a fifth-generation family business that distributes fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, trimmings, carpets, and accessories to the interior design trade, leveraged SADA to migrate from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace. Kravet is impressed that SADA continues to help them uncover additional solutions to make the most of their Google Cloud implementation

“SADA has also introduced us to other solutions that have helped make improvements in the way we internally manage our systems. I like the fact that our partnership has grown into something far greater than where we started.” — Jesse Lazarus, Chief Process and Innovation Officer, Kravet

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GCP vs. AWS eBook

Download the eBook to learn 12 compelling areas where Google Cloud beats AWS, based on actual customer interviews and real-world implementations.


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