5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do with Google

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Millions of users take advantage of Google’s vast range of services daily, from the flagship Google Search to the GPS-enabled Maps app. People trust Google because they have a product for seemingly every need. But more than that, their entire suite of offerings work together seamlessly to create a superior user experience.

Google Apps are all built with the same brand and infrastructure that you’ve come to expect from the search giant. If you are not currently using apps together, you may not be making the most of Google. Here are some ways that you could be missing out.

1. Drive isn’t just for storage

When Google Drive first came onto the scene as Google Docs in 2007, it was billed as an online office suite. While Google Docs still exists, it stands beside other office apps like Google Sheets; Drive has become known as the storage unit that houses them all. But since its integration with web-based apps, Drive has also become the easiest way to keep everything in one place. Popular apps functionalities include:

  • Mobile scanning
  • Faxing
  • Document signing
  • Photo editing

If you travel for business, Google Drive has become your office. Scan receipts and send them to accounting on the spot. Get the okay with an important signature from someone on the opposite coast. Accomplish all of this inside Google Drive.

2. Search inside documents and presentations

The Research Tool in Google Docs helps you find articles to support your claims on Google Scholar. Search images, graphs, and tables, then drag and drop them into your work to cite it.

3. Take work on the go

Google office is compatible with other formats, like Microsoft Word and Excel, so you can save your work no matter where you and your team start your project. You can even send documents to FedEx Office so that your presentation handouts are waiting for you when you land. And unlike other cloud-based solutions, you don’t have to work online to take advantage of Google Apps. If you are in an area with spotty WiFi (like trains), you can open your work on Google Chrome or Drive and press on even without network connection. Your work will sync once connectivity comes back.

4. Google+ is more than just social media

Google+ may not be quite as ubiquitous as Facebook, but this open platform social network has the capability of connecting people whether or not they have a Google+ account. Connect to Zagat, Calendars, and your smartphone’s photo album to:

  • Read reviews from your peers on Local
  • Invite and consolidate photos on Events
  • Backup photos onto the cloud
  • Collaborate on projects with Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is especially beneficial to organizations looking to increase collaborative efforts. This video chat platform integrates with apps like SlideShare and ConceptBoard so that teams can brainstorm and create together in real time, no matter where they are in the world.

5. The best email, made better

Gmail has been around long enough to be known as the free email service with the most storage. But it also has options, settings and integrated functionalities that make it one of the most comprehensive email platforms out there. It even lets you monitor your email activity, such as average word count and response times (for those efficiency fanatics out there). Send large files with Google Drive attachments or even recant recently sent emails.
Google is more than just a search engine; it’s an entire network of efficiency tools that work together for streamlined operations on the cloud. You may never need another software.

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