6 Reasons for Government Agencies to Switch to Google Workspace

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By Mike Kulinski | Sr. Business Dev Manager

From small towns to states to large federal agencies, government organizations are migrating to Google Workspace to modernize their operations, ensure data security, and provide better service to their constituents. Here are six reasons why your government agency should consider going Google

1. Enhance security & compliance

Government agencies are prime targets for cybercriminals. Critical security and compliance features are baked into Google Workspace, including FedRAMP Moderate certification, HIPAA compliance, Advanced Protection for high-risk users, app access control, data loss protection, and machine learning-powered protection against phishing and malware. During the first month after the State of Arizona migrated to Google Workspace, Gmail identified and removed 107,000 malicious emails that got past the State’s previous system.

2. Improve productivity & eliminate silos

Google Workspace’s rich collaboration features improve productivity and demolish organizational silos. Instead of emailing documents back and forth, then merging edits into a final copy, employees can share documents and collaborate in real time, from any location and on any device. No one ever has to worry about whether they’re accessing the most current version of a document. Hangouts video conferencing and shared calendars make it easy for teams to connect from anywhere, around the clock, encouraging open communication while reducing the need for travel.

3. Eliminate technological barriers

Google Workspace is designed to be as user-friendly as possible — and in all likelihood, most of your employees already know how to use it! Most employees already use Gmail, Search, and other Google apps on their phones and home devices, and this familiarity makes learning the remainder of Google Workspace a snap.

4. Reduce costs

Legacy systems aren’t just antiquated; they’re expensive to maintain. Budget-strapped agencies incur software licensing fees, along with high costs for ongoing maintenance. Migrating to Google Workspace means moving to an entirely new pricing model where usage costs are right-sized to your agency’s needs. The State of Arizona anticipates that it will save millions of dollars in storage, administration, and licensing costs over the next three years. Switching to Google Workspace saved the State of Colorado $32.5 million over six years.

5. Further your agency’s mission

Google Workspace’s ease of use and scalability enable government agencies to further their missions and better serve their constituents. For example, the State of Wyoming used Google Workspace to build a communications system that allows them to address constituent inquiries and communications more quickly and effectively than they could in the past. State employees assign tasks, route communications through Gmail, and place follow-up items on stakeholders’ calendars to ensure that constituent issues are promptly resolved.

6. Support digital transformation initiatives

IT modernization initiatives, such as the federal Cloud Smart Strategy, are pushing federal, state, and local government agencies towards the cloud. However, many agencies, especially on state and local levels, face roadblocks to transitioning to a modern cloud-based IT environment. Among the most vexing are investments in legacy IT equipment. Google Workspace allows agencies to “modernize in place” and utilize existing infrastructure while reducing overhead costs.

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