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Sada Develops Google Cloud Search Connectors

SADA Develops Google Cloud Search Connectors for GitHub, Salesforce, Jira & More

Google Cloud Search (GCS) exists to bring every aspect of the convenience, scale, and speed of to businesses. It transforms the way enterprises search for information by giving users […]

Google Cloud Search versus Apache Solr Blog Image

Google Cloud Search vs. Apache Solr

Trying to decide between Google Cloud Search (GCS) and Apache Solr? Here are 6 reasons why GCS is the superior enterprise search engine.

GCS Productivity red

5 Ways That Google Cloud Search Bolsters Productivity

5 ways Google Cloud Search boosts productivity by bringing the power of to enterprise search.

One Search to Rule Them All — Why Google Cloud Search?: Google Cloud Next ‘19 Session Recap

See Google Cloud Search in action, and learn how SADA successfully resolved one company’s quest to find “one search to rule them all for enterprise content.”

Bringing the Power of Google Search to Every Business: Google Cloud Next ‘19 Session Recap

At Next ‘19, SADA, 2018 Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year, discussed how it’s transforming businesses with custom Google Cloud Search solutions.

Better Search, Better Data, Better Results: Google Cloud Search and SADA Deliver Effective Enterprise Search

SADA’s Google Cloud Search solution enables businesses to derive value from data by implementing the power of Google Search within their organization.

G Suite Updates from Next ’18: Focus on AI, Voice and Enterprise Search

G Suite Updates announced at Google Cloud Next ‘18 include injections of AI technology, release of Google Voice Enterprise and new tools for better collaboration.

I'm Going All In on Google Cloud Search

2016 started with a punch in the gut from Google (note: that is not officially how Google’s marketing department described it). The beloved Google Search Appliance was going the way […]

Creative Circle Connects Talent with Opportunities Using Google Search for Work

Creative Circle is an innovative staffing company that specializes in connecting advertising, marketing, creative and digital professionals with companies seeking talent. Creative Circle began to recognize a trend toward a […]

Google Search Transitioning to the Cloud – What Does This Mean for GSA Customers?

Recently Google announced plans to wind down sales of the hardware-based Google Search Appliance (GSA) effective March 21, 2016 with roadmap to innovate Google enterprise search to provide a cloud-based […]

West Chester University Engages Current and Prospective Students with the Google Search Appliance

  “The Google Search Appliance has set us apart from other institutions. Students and staff can quickly find whatever information they need through a single search box on our website.”  […]

Editorial Projects in Education Boosts Website Visitor Engagement

  “What we achieved with the Google Search Appliance was content discoverability on our website, keeping users engaged by providing the ability to easily sift through decades of published content.”  […]

Google and SADA Systems Tackle Government Challenges with Innovation Labs

  Google’s Government Innovation Labs is an initiative which provides various government officials with access to Google’s enterprise technology, developers and experts to contribute to county improvement projects. Google’s regional […]

Understanding the Google Search Appliance: Bridging the Gap Between Users and Information

Search engines like have made sifting through billions of records on the internet almost instantaneous. Quality, relevant information is a click away. However, how does that compare to the […]

Google Search Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites: What the Change Means for Businesses

  Earlier this year, Google announced it would be making a significant change to the Google Search algorithm in order to favor mobile-friendly sites in search rankings. Google has been […]

Creative Circle Connects Talent with Opportunities Using Google Search for Work

  Today’s blog post is a case study featuring SADA Systems’ Google Search Appliance consulting and implementation for Creative Circle.  “The Google Search Appliance tool has broken down information silos […]

Bringing Google Search to Life with Twigkit: Know Your Customer

  SADA Systems recently announced our partnership with Twigkit, an innovative software built to optimize and transform search results generated by the Google Search Appliance into valuable, interactive customer insights. […]

SADA Systems and Twigkit Partner to Deliver Better User Experience for Google Search for Work

  SADA is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Twigkit software to provide an easy search capability for enterprise as well as social features for Google Search Appliance customers. […]

Drive Business Performance with Google Enterprise Search

  Today’s guest blogger is Thom Goodwin, Business Development Manager at SADA Systems. How quickly can you find what you’re looking for on the Internet? Search engines, such as Google, […]

Enterprise Search Gets An Update: Google Search Appliance 7.2

  As recently announced on the Google Enterprise blog, Google Search Appliance (GSA) gains new capabilities to make searching through all your enterprise content (regardless of location or format) even […]

SADA launches the Google Search Appliance (GSA) QuickStart program!

  Our team’s been discussing the benefits of Google Enterprise Search with the Google Search Appliance for a while now – with the GSA’s ability to search through all your […]

Google Enterprise Video Overview

  Need an overview of how Google Enterprise solutions can help transform your organization’s workflows? In case you missed it the first time around, we hosted a webinar series focusing […]

Attend: Google Enterprise Solutions – SADA’s 3 Part Webinar Series!

  Starting this week for the next 3 Thursdays, SADA is kicking off our very first 3-part webinar series, exploring the Google Enterprise suite for Government and Education!

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