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Sada Develops Google Cloud Search Connectors

SADA Develops Google Cloud Search Connectors for GitHub, Salesforce, Jira & More

November 20, 2019

Google Cloud Search (GCS) exists to bring every aspect of the convenience, scale, and speed of to businesses. It transforms the way enterprises search for information by giving users...

Google Cloud Search versus Apache Solr Blog Image

Google Cloud Search vs. Apache Solr

October 21, 2019

More and more organizations are coming to realize that implementing an effective enterprise search solution can provide a myriad of benefits including more informed decision-making, easier access to institutional knowledge,...

GCS Productivity red

5 Ways That Google Cloud Search Bolsters Productivity

August 8, 2019

No one disputes that enterprise data assets are bursting at the seams, and organizations face numerous challenges related to storing and making sense of it all. Historically, as enterprises focused...


One Search to Rule Them All — Why Google Cloud Search?: Google Cloud Next ‘19 Session Recap

April 22, 2019

SADA is still feeling the excitement of an eventful few days at Google Cloud Next ‘19. The three-day global conference brought together thousands of cloud enthusiasts seeking inspiration and opportunities...


Bringing the Power of Google Search to Every Business: Google Cloud Next ‘19 Session Recap

April 11, 2019

As a Premier Sponsor at Google Cloud Next ‘19, a three-day global conference that brings together thousands of the brightest minds in tech, SADA was honored to showcase some of...


Better Search, Better Data, Better Results: Google Cloud Search and SADA Deliver Effective Enterprise Search

March 7, 2019

Data is the currency by which today’s economy operates. Every type of organization — manufacturing companies, services-based enterprises, government agencies, and even small businesses — relies on data to help...


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