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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Work is increasingly handled remotely and involves navigating hybrid cloud environments. This is especially true for developers, who require a secure way to code regardless of their location. That’s why we’re excited to announce SADA’s POWERON itopia, designed to empower businesses running on Google Cloud with developer tools specifically tailored for remote workforces. 

A compelling new offering in SADA’s POWER line of service products, POWERON itopia delivers applications and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) through an Internet browser, letting developers code from anywhere in powerful containerized spaces. Guided by SADA’s expert Google Cloud teams and itopia’s pioneering hybrid work solutions, POWERON itopia positions developers to raise the bar wherever they are.

Code securely from POWERON itopia

Signing up for POWERON itopia means your teams can get right to coding remotely on Google Cloud. The immediate benefits of working with SADA to implement this secure and powerful new development tool include: 

  • Enhanced developer experience
    • Deliver everything in one centralized space
    • Simplifies working with containers 
    • Built-in security and availability
    • Available from anywhere, on any device
    • Seamless coding experience 
  • Improved developer productivity
    • Runs in a browser
    • Faster and more stable than a local machine
    • Instantly access multiple environments, versions, and tools
    • Supports any IDE, app, or developer tool on Linux
    • Easy to update, maintain, and access IDE versions
    • Highly-available cloud environment and codebase

Learn more about POWERON itopia today.


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