Digital Workspace: 5 ways to replatform Sharepoint

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Sharepoint has long been a staple for businesses as a centralized data repository and collaboration platform. With the increasing demand for flexible and cloud-based solutions, however, many businesses are seeking alternatives that better align with the requirements of remote work and hybrid models

Google Workspace offers a comprehensive suite of productivity tools that can seamlessly replatform Sharepoint, providing a robust digital workspace for enhanced collaboration and information management. In this post, we explore five key ways to replatform Sharepoint using Google Workspace, specifically leveraging Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), data integrations with AoDocs, and surfacing data with context via LumApps as a cloud intranet.

Migrate your data to Google Drive

1. Migrate your data to Google Drive 

The first step in replatforming Sharepoint is to migrate your existing data to Google Drive. Google Drive provides a secure and scalable cloud storage solution that seamlessly integrates with other Google Workspace tools. You can transfer your files and folders from Sharepoint to Google Drive using migration tools like Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Sharepoint. This process ensures that all your valuable data is readily accessible and organized within the Google ecosystem.

2. Leverage the power of Google Cloud Storage (GCS) 

While Google Drive is ideal for document collaboration, Google Cloud Storage (GCS) offers a more robust solution for managing large volumes of structured or unstructured data. GCS provides scalable object storage with high durability and availability. By integrating GCS with your replatformed Sharepoint, you can store and manage vast amounts of data, including media files, backups, and archives. GCS also supports fine-grained access controls, allowing you to define permissions and secure data at the bucket and object levels.

Seamlessly integrate data with AoDocs

3. Seamlessly integrate data with AoDocs 

One of the strengths of Sharepoint lies in its ability to integrate with various data sources. To replicate this functionality in your digital workspace, you can leverage AoDocs, a powerful data integration platform that works seamlessly with Google Workspace. AoDocs enables you to connect to multiple data repositories, such as databases, APIs, and third-party applications. By integrating AoDocs with your replatformed Sharepoint, you can synchronize data in real-time, automate workflows, and ensure that your teams have access to the most up-to-date information.

4. Surface data with context via LumApps as a cloud intranet

Sharepoint is often used as an intranet solution to centralize information and facilitate internal communication. To replicate this functionality, LumApps, a leading cloud intranet platform, can be easily integrated with your Google Workspace environment. LumApps allows you to create a personalized and intuitive digital workplace portal, where employees can access relevant information, collaborate, and stay informed. With LumApps, you can surface data from various sources, including Google Drive, GCS, AoDocs, and other business applications, providing context-rich content that is easily discoverable and accessible to your workforce.

Enhance collaboration with Google Workspace tools

5. Enhance collaboration with Google Workspace tools 

Google Workspace offers a suite of powerful collaboration tools that can enhance teamwork and productivity within your replatformed Sharepoint. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides provide real-time collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple team members to edit and comment on documents simultaneously. Google Meet enables seamless video conferencing and screen sharing, facilitating virtual meetings and discussions. Additionally, Google Chat provides instant messaging and group collaboration features. By leveraging these tools, your teams can collaborate effectively, irrespective of their physical location.

Replatforming Sharepoint with Google Workspace empowers businesses with a flexible and cloud-based digital workspace solution. By migrating data to Google Drive, leveraging Google Cloud Storage (GCS), integrating data with AoDocs, and surfacing information with context through LumApps as a Cloud Intranet, organizations can unlock the full potential of their digital workplace.

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