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By Leilani Alvarez

Innovations in tech make news every day. Grasping their impact on businesses means connecting with the people and organizations who bring these visions into the world. Bridging perspectives with diverse thought leaders, across a variety of technical spaces, provides us with an opportunity to think outside the box, helps us avoid the trappings of group think, and changes the way we approach sustainable innovation.    

With this in mind, SADA has launched the Technical Empowerment Series, an information resource led by CTO Miles Ward. In this podcast series, we’ll cover industry-wide innovations taking place in the cloud and within the broader tech industry. You’ll hear from leading subject matter experts and partners on how they’re creating new opportunities, with an emphasis on empowering tomorrow’s innovations.    

Tapping the power of collaboration, we’ll unlock limitless value for our culture, core principles, productivity, and potential. When we gain new insights from internal and external stakeholders alike, we all reap the benefits. SADA’s Technical Empowerment Series places you at the center of the decisions that lead to a culture of innovation.

We’re launching the Technical Empowerment Series with three goals in mind:

  1. Amplify the Office of the CTO as a comprehensive resource for all SADA team members, regardless of department
  2. Provide mindshare and value to our partners, customers, and vendors with cross-industry insights
  3. Enhance and build on SADA’s culture of entrepreneurship 

The series airs twice a month and is hosted by different leaders from within the Office of the CTO. Current and upcoming segments for 2022 include:

Season 1–Technology: Environment, Governance, Sustainability

Associate CTO Brian Suk hosts guests from the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) space to discuss current challenges they’re trying to address and how they’re leveraging technology to help in their efforts. 

As companies and investors seek out ideas that are not only effective for their businesses but make a positive impact on the environment and people, it’s vital to raise awareness and deliver critical insights on the topic of ESG as we boost the signal for these efforts.  

Season 1, Episode 1 is available to view now, here: 

Season 2–SADA Power: The Power of Best Practices

Sit down with our very own Kari Gregusak as she speaks with featured guests on all things related to packaged solutions. Kari will take a deep dive into why packaged solutions are a differentiator, how they help demonstrate value and accurately set customer expectations, and how SADA’s packaged solutions accelerate time to value in engagements and set consistent outcomes for customers.

SADA is rapidly moving into our next level of digital transformation. Part of this journey is about finding ways to harness new ideas and iterate on current processes during this period of accelerated growth. We look forward to  providing our viewers a closer look at our Office of the CTO and highlighting the ground-breaking innovations driving today’s industries.

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