Material Security offers comprehensive Google Workspace protection in SADA SaaS Alliance program

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Stopping attacks and safeguarding sensitive data within productivity suites like Google Workspace is paramount. Material Security, a new addition to SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, offers advanced security solutions tailored to defend against evolving email attacks and data breaches. Partnering strategically with SADA amplifies Material Security’s reach to empower customers in fortifying the critical infrastructure that is Google Workspace. 

We saw a clear acceleration of our ability to reach joint prospective Google Workspace customers by partnering with SADA. Material Security’s offerings that protect Google Workspace fit perfectly into the broader security and cloud transformation initiatives that SADA is driving for enterprises across the globe.

Josh Donelson | Material Security’s Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships

Rapid threat detection

What sets Material Security apart is its modern take on Google Workspace security, leveraging a data-driven and API-connected approach. By directly integrating with the Workspace environment, Material Security enables rapid threat detection without the need for additional gateways. This seamless integration facilitates the discovery, classification, and protection of sensitive data across email inboxes and Google Drive, mitigating data exposure and thwarting potential exfiltration paths.

Moreover, Material Security’s platform offers posture and risk identification for all of Google Workspace, providing visibility and actionable remediation steps. The native API framework ensures seamless connectivity with other security platforms, enhancing the efficiency of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and facilitating targeted remediations as needed.

Inbox security

“Material’s fresh take on inbox security fits with how our prospective customers want to approach security in their wider Google Cloud environments,” says Rocky Giglio, SADA’s Director, Security GTM Solutions. “Having the data and metadata about what’s going on inside of Google Workspace is one thing. Making the data itself available to customers allows security teams to scale and focus on pressing business concerns. We’re excited to collaborate with Material and Google to accelerate collaboration in the cloud with Workspace, and to have Material in the SaaS Alliance Program.”

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Material Security places emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness, with a mission to instill resilience through pragmatic solutions that prioritize user safety and productivity. With intuitive capabilities designed to discover and protect sensitive content, Material Data Protection offers a modern approach to Data loss prevention (DLP), specifically for both email at rest in the inbox as well as files inside of Google Drive, minimizing operational hassle while safeguarding critical data.

In essence, Material Security isn’t just a security provider; they’re architects of digital resilience. Their commitment to innovation and partnership underscores a shared vision of a safer, more secure digital landscape. If you’re looking to elevate your Google Workspace security to new heights, Material Security might be your next trusted ally in the battle against cyber threats.

SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program

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