Bringing the Power of Google Search to Every Business: Google Cloud Next ‘19 Session Recap

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

As a Premier Sponsor at Google Cloud Next ‘19, a three-day global conference that brings together thousands of the brightest minds in tech, SADA was honored to showcase some of our innovative industry-focused solutions. Named the 2018 Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year, SADA was pleased to demonstrate our work and achievements in the Google Cloud ecosystem.

On the second day of the conference, Chad Johnson, SADA’s Director of Google Enterprise Search, spoke on one of SADA’s many panel sessions and covered Bringing the Power of Google Search to Every Business.

Google Cloud Search gives users the ability to quickly, easily and securely find information across an enterprise. It employs machine intelligence to power search across G Suite and other Google apps, as well as within third party apps and services like databases, file systems, content management systems, and content hosted in enterprise repositories. The goal of Google Cloud Search is to bring every aspect of the convenience, scale, and speed of to businesses.

In the session, Chad discussed SADA’s work with Avenu Insights & Analytics and covered the benefits of having an effortless infrastructure and getting good search quality out of the box.

SADA worked with Avenu, a public sector focused solutions provider, to develop and implement a solution called Super Index. Deployed at the Oakland County, Michigan Office of the Register of Deeds, Super Index is essentially a search on top of real property records for counties across the U.S.

Chad discussed multiple pain points faced by the Oakland County Register of Deeds Office with regard to searching mortgages, deeds, liens and other property records. With SADA’s custom Google Cloud Search solution, they were able to overcome these issues in just eight weeks. “ wanted Google quality results without a lot of work,” said Chad. “They get that with Google Cloud Search. They know that their users will be familiar with the system; it will work like Google. It’s become that verb that we all use, and that’s what they wanted. They didn’t want to build their own. They didn’t want to design their own. They just wanted to implement a service that provided very good quality results right out of the box.”

Watch the video to learn more about how SADA transformed the way people are able to search the Oakland County Register of Deeds Office’s online land records and how our experts indexed 13 million records in just two days. Chad’s discussion runs from 24:10 – 35:20.


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