SADA Cloud Concierge services come to Google Cloud Next: 3 steps to mission impact

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Technology alone won’t transform your business. Technology + dedicated expertise will. That’s the philosophy at the heart of SADA’s Cloud Concierge services, available in booth #1110 at Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas, April 9-11. As conveyed in the video above, the SADA Cloud Concierge team will be available at Google Next to help your organization make mission impact. Let’s dig into what that means. 

1. Personalized guidance: get face-time with the experts

SADA Cloud Concierge experts

We’re all facing a constant deluge of technology products, platforms, and solutions. Whether your work entails protecting data from cyberattacks, keeping teams connected across multiple time zones, or rearchitecting existing applications to unlock new features and capabilities, keeping up with rapidly evolving technology trends can feel like a job on top of your actual job. Everyone could use guidance from experts who’ve done their homework and have mastered the best practices in their respective domains. 

That’s the first benefit of engaging SADA’s Cloud Concierge services. You get face-time with an expert who has gone deep into a particular, specialized aspect of the cloud, has regular 1:1s with Google certified engineers, and geeks out on the latest releases in GenAI, Google Maps Platform, cloud security, and more. As a 6x Google Cloud Partner of the Year, SADA’s depth of expertise is widely recognized and tested over the course of countless successful deployments. 

Michael Ames, SADA Managing Director, Industry Professional Services, will be attending Google Cloud Next 2024, where he’ll present Channeling the Flood Data Deluge: Unlocking the U.S. National Water Model. This presentation will describe how technologies like BigQuery and mobile applications are making a dramatic difference in protecting people in flood-prone areas. 

Michael’s role at SADA has given him visibility into the diverse needs of customers across myriad industries. “As a leader in SADA’s industry professional services practice, I’m extremely proud of our high customer satisfaction ratings,” says Michael. “It’s more than just delivering on time and on budget–it’s about deeply knowing our customers to ensure that what we deliver creates real value. Somebody in that company put their credibility on the line when they hired us, and we want to make them a hero.”

2. Tailored tech: solve your unique challenges 

Cloud solutions Google Next

SADA’s Cloud Concierge experts lead with empathy and deep understanding of how technology can address what you need and what you wish to achieve. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, particularly when your unique organization’s regulatory environment and security requirements are taken into account. Every engagement with SADA begins with the process of discovery as your ambitions and specific business outcomes lead the way. 

Once this foundation of understanding has been established, your dedicated SADA team will kick into gear and start recommending custom solutions, complete with timelines, milestones, and resources tailored specifically for your teams. Training sessions and ongoing services that support you long-term set you up for success. Prepare to be on first-name basis with some of the most brilliant engineers, change management experts, and solutions architects you will ever meet. 

3. Find your innovation edge: discover untapped tech opportunities

Innovate with AI Google Next

You don’t know what you don’t know. There are only so many hours in a day, and no one person can possibly digest the onslaught of technological innovation coming at us all from every direction. We recognize that it’s incumbent upon teams, not individuals, to scan the horizon for what’s coming and identify your organization’s technological blindspots. 

With successful Google Cloud deployments across diverse industries, SADA Cloud Concierge experts understand the unique tech needs of your business, including emerging solutions like generative AI.

“We can’t wait to hear from customers stopping by the booth to share with us the real opportunities and challenges they’re finding in the blossoming world of AI,” says Simon Margolis, SADA Associate CTO, AI/ML.  “We’re prepared to help navigate the evolving landscape, share the means in which peers and competitors are leveraging these technologies, and demonstrate real-world examples of the impact generative AI can have.” 

Your business is going to evolve, which means adopting new technologies, modernizing your infrastructure, and staying one step ahead of your competition. And it also means not scrapping what has worked for you in the past, but rather capitalizing on successes to empower future innovation and growth. Dedicated SADA experts will be prepared to help you make that distinction, driving your cloud transformation project toward bold business outcomes.

Get the most from SADA Cloud Concierge services at Google Cloud Next

Register today for Google Cloud Next 2024 if you haven’t already, and be sure to swing by booth #1110 and introduce yourself to SADA’s Cloud Concierge team. We’ll be excited to learn more about your cloud vision and prepared to offer some advice on how to achieve it. Veronica Raulin, SADA’s Director of Advisory and Change Management, will be on hand at Google Cloud Next to meet customers and discuss how to accelerate and optimize the cloud journey. “The Cloud Concierge Lounge is a place for connection,” says Raulin.

Whether you’re a leader seeking the experience of another leader who has faced a similar challenge, a customer with a story to tell us about the work SADA did with your teams, or someone seeking to learn more about how the cloud can solve your business problems, the experts and specialists representing SADA are there to connect you with the resources you’re looking for.

Veronica Raulin, SADA’s Director of Advisory and Change Management


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