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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Engage with SADA’s Cloud Engineering (CE) team to get set up with your initial, complimentary Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Landing Zone (valued at $20,000) to reduce the friction of getting started with GCP. 

During the engagement, our team will work with you to stand up an environment to meet your business and technical needs. This is accomplished by configuring:

  • Cloud Identity/Workspace for access and authentication
  • Resource Hierarchy for an organization of folders and projects
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM) for authorization
  • Networking for pilot workload
  • Logging & Monitoring for operations

The Landing Zone service adheres to best practices we have learned from implementing initial GCP setups for hundreds of SADA customers. New customers are provided with a named complimentary Customer Success Manager (CSM) that will track the progress and health of the project, and ensure your business objectives are met.


Our Landing Zone package features 5 milestones, with a mix of enablement sessions and working sessions:

  • Milestone 1: Kickoff – Project overview & review of plan
  • Milestone 2: Admin & Billing – Creating administrative rights and billing access
  • Milestone 3: Authorization & Organization – Identity management and resource hierarchy
  • Milestone 4: Operations & Oversight – Logging, monitoring and security
  • Milestone 5: Handoff – Workload identification and next steps

SADA will provide a Terraform template for automatic creation of the base Landing Zone deliverable. This provides you with a fully functional, programmatic environment to deploy your first pilot workload on Google Cloud.

It doesn’t end there!

Our Cloud Engineering (CE) and Solutions Architecture (SA) teams are here for SADA customers beyond the Landing Zone creation as you venture into Google Cloud.

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