The ROI of G Suite: 2015 Forrester Research Report

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Businesses today, in an effort to remain competitive, often pursue enterprise cloud solutions to save costs and improve efficiency and productivity. However, the question often remains – Where exactly do these IT cost savings come from? What are the true business benefits of cloud transformation, and how does it affect overall productivity and business growth? A comprehensive study conducted by Forrester Research in June 2015 explored these questions through Forrester’s proven Total Economic Impact methodology, which evaluated the costs and benefits of G Suite, Google’s suite of cloud productivity tools. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the financial impact, business value and return on investment (ROI) of implementing G Suite. The findings, based on three-year, risk-adjusted results, are summarized below:

google app forrester report roi

Key Findings:

  • Increased collaboration and efficiency: The ability to collaborate in real-time using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, as well as the opportunity to create project collaboration spaces in Google Sites, allows employees to streamline business processes and collaborate more effectively. This results in average time savings of 15 minutes to 2 hours per week per employee.

  • Improved mobility, reduced travel costs: Mobility with G Suite allows employees to work in the moment, accessing work from wherever they are and utilizing personal devices to be productive on-the-go. Hangouts in particular has transformed how people communicate and have meetings – organizations using Google Apps see a reduction of 12 trips per manager per year.

  • Reduced legacy IT costs: Google Drive, Google’s cloud-based file storage and email solution, reduces or even eliminates the dependency on local servers and storage solutions. This reduces maintenance, updates and license renewal costs and allows IT to focus on more proactive, impactful projects.

  • Legacy telephony cost savings: Google Hangouts provides a communication platform for conferencing and calling, leading to reduction in telephone and external videoconferencing services.

SADA Systems is a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on creating tools, methodologies, change management and business transformation strategies for organizations worldwide. An excellent example of this is SADA Systems’ recent G Suite customer, LACMA: “We estimated our annual costs savings at $125,000 based on servers, maintenance, productivity, licenses and support hours including my team for email maintenance,” shared Andy Dworkin, Director of User Support and Infrastructure. Read the full story here. Click below to download the full ROI of Google Apps report from Forrester, or reach out to [email protected] to learn more about Google Cloud cloud solutions.

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