Top 3 Google Apps – Finance and Accounting applications

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google Apps are taking quantum leaps when it comes to Finance and Accounting applications. Google Apps developers are catering to the huge demand for finance applications and custom apps development is their prime focus. Here are some of the top rated Finance and Accounting applications on the Google Apps marketplace.

  1. – With this app, you can manage your entire business in one place. It is a powerful app loaded with features and tools that reach deep into every aspect of your management needs. It is the perfect tool for a small business to effectively take control of their business and understand their resource planning with ease. The application has built in CRM with integrated accounting, invoicing and inventory. The app is completely cloud based and you can access the app from anywhere at any time. And best of all, it is completely free for up to two users.
  2. Expensify – This is a very popular expense report management tool. The app focuses only on expense reports but it does a top notch job with them. You will have complete control of your orgnanization’s expense reports with this app. It offers complete digital expense tracking and reporting with seamless QuickBooks integration. The app syncs credit card or bank accounts to pull in expenses directly along with eReceipts that are stored on the cloud for retrieval. You can generate reports at any time with ease and you can easily customize the reports to include custom expense categories and policies.
  3. Yendo Accounts – This app was developed by Yendo based in Ireland. The app offers solid state solutions for invoicing, expenses and payments management. The app is available on multiple mobile platforms and is fully functional on all platforms. The app has complete accounting solutions with full double entry bookkeeping. Everything from Sales invoices, Purchase orders, Debtor/Creditor management to Asset management with automated depreciation is included in the package. You can easily create detailed reports on any aspect of the books of accounts and you can even have shared accountant access.


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