U.S. Army rolls out Google Workspace with Partner SADA

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Tools that facilitate secure and flexible communication and collaboration on a global scale are crucial for the U.S. Army. Having determined the need for a cloud-based productivity and collaboration solution to replace Defense Enterprise Email, the Army recently chose Google Workspace, introducing the platform to 250,000 Army personnel.

This initiative represents a partnership between Accenture Federal Services, Google Public Sector, and SADA. Google Workspace will allow the Army to work collaboratively across the globe, using a cloud solution that was designed from the ground up with security in mind. Using Google ’s cloud-based suite of productivity and collaboration tools also puts the Army in an ideal position to reap the benefits of future innovations.

“Security is of obvious importance to the US Army, and Google Workspace has proved up to the task in myriad other industries, from finance to healthcare to state and local governments, where keeping data safe is at a premium,” says SADA CEO Tony Safoian. “This solution, customized to help tackle the Army’s unique set of challenges, offers a path to future innovation, so that our troops are backed by the security of Google Cloud.” 

SADA will provide the U.S. Army with enterprise-class Google Workspace support via SADA’s Service desk. SADA’s deployment of Google Workspace Enterprise Plus and Google Assured Control licenses will provide up to 250,000 subscribers with a complete email and productivity tools suite. This includes integrating with the Army’s CyberSecurity Service Provider (CSSP), integrating with the Department of Defense Global Directory Service (GDS), implementing Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) solutions, as well as providing key change management services including training, roadmaps, and custom reference materials.

As part of the ongoing operations, SADA will manage ongoing, day-to-day support and administration. This includes maintaining and securing the e-mail tenant, Tier 2 and 3 service desk support, break-fix efforts, Assured Controls, technical account management, and continued support. This service is provided by SADA’s Cloud Managed Services team.

“We look forward to supporting the Army with SADA’s tried and true professional services,” says Safoian. “At heart, SADA is a managed services organization and customer outcomes drive everything we do. It’s in SADA’s DNA to first seek complete understanding of every organization’s goals, challenges, and opportunities. We couldn’t be more proud to provide the support our men and women in uniform need to accomplish their missions, on behalf of us all.”

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