What’s New in G Suite: Top 6 Latest Updates

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Google continues to roll out a steady stream of updates improving the mobility, security and functionality of its G Suite suite of advanced cloud productivity tools. Below are six of the most important and recent updates that provide Apps users and admins with more opportunities to work effectively and collaboratively in the cloud:

inbox icon1. Inbox by Gmail Open to Everyone: Inbox by Gmail is designed to change the way people get things done at work. Earlier this year, Google announced the availability of Inbox by Gmail to all consumers and G Suite accounts. Google also rolled out new Inbox features like undo send and signatures. Watch this video to learn more.

2. Privacy and Security Updates: Google’s Security Key, launched last year, simplifies 2-Step Verification with Google Accounts and adds a layer of protection by sending an encrypted signature to ensure that login information cannot be phished. Google recently added new features to allow Apps admins to easily deploy, monitor and manage Security Keys for their domains without installing any additional software. Watch this video to learn more.

Google also launched My Account, a single hub which allows Apps users to manage sign-in and security settings, personal information, privacy settings and account preferences.

event-attachments-google-calendar-mobile3. Event Attachments in Google Calendar: This feature has graduated from a Lab (Labs are a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. They may change, break or disappear at any time). Users can now easily add attachments to events in Google Calendar web and mobile. An “Add Attachment” link will appear in all Google Calendar events.

4. Do More with Your Data in Google Sheets
: Google has also rolled out new ways to visualize and analyze data in Google Sheets. Users can preview formula results, turn raw data into a story with customized charts, filter results by condition and collaborate safely with protected ranges.

Google also rolled out the ability to export data in five additional formats, including (.csv) and (.pdf).

5. Undo Send: Google has also graduated the “Undo Send” feature from lab to both Gmail on the web and Inbox by Gmail. This allows users to cancel a sent mail for a set period after it is sent. Watch this video to learn more.

google-drive-plugin-office6. Drive Plug-In for Microsoft Office: The new plug-in for Microsoft Office allows people using Office for Windows to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents stored in Drive and save changes right back to Drive once they’re done. This allows users to work easily with teams across different systems, while accessing all their data in one place in the cloud. Click here to learn more about the plug-in.

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