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Episode 177

From Startup to AI Pioneer: FullStory’s Transformative Journey

  • Tony Safoian

    CEO at SADA

  • Scott Voigt

    CEO and Co-founder of Fullstory

April 16, 2024

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Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA, delves into a captivating conversation with Scott Voigt, CEO and Co-founder of FullStory. Recorded at FullStory’s headquarters near Buckhead, this installment of the Cloud and Clear CEO series explores the fascinating origin and evolution of FullStory, a company at the forefront of digital experience intelligence.

Throughout the conversation, the evolution of FullStory is highlighted, from its initial focus on providing invaluable insights into digital user experiences through session replay and analytics to its recent pivot towards empowering companies with AI-driven data analysis. Voigt emphasizes the unique and valuable nature of the first-party behavioral data FullStory collects, discussing its power to revolutionize how companies understand and interact with their digital audiences.

Host: Tony Safoian | CEO at SADA
Guest: Scott Voigt | CEO and Co-founder of Fullstory

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