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Episode 181

Mastering Real-Time Customer Data Analysis with Quantum Metric and AI

  • Tony Safoian

    CEO at SADA

  • Mario Ciabarra

    CEO at Quantum Metric\

June 11, 2024

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In this episode, SADA CEO Tony Safoian interviews Mario Ciabarra, CEO and founder of Quantum Metric. They delve into Mario’s entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of Quantum Metric. The discussion highlights the importance of understanding and listening to customers to enhance digital experiences. They explore the implementation of Generative AI and its potential to improve customer experiences and drive business growth. The episode also covers the significance of real-time data analysis and the use of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Gemini Pro in leveraging generative AI. The value of partnerships and the role of data in determining market leaders are emphasized, along with future industry predictions involving faster disruption cycles and the importance of having the right data at the right moment.

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Host: Tony Safoian | CEO at SADA
Guest: Mario Ciabarra | CEO at Quantum Metric

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