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You’re invited to enroll in a FREE, on-demand, six-week crash course on Anthos, offered by industry experts at SADA and Google Cloud. Learn how to run workloads in GCP, AWS, or on-prem, and manage your entire distributed environment using a centralized dashboard. By mastering one consistent platform to apply configurations and set security policies across all app deployments, you’ll gain the skills to mix containers across multiple infrastructure platforms and move virtual machines from on-prem data centers or other clouds directly into containers on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). 

Who should sign up

- Technical personnel looking to build their cloud security knowledge and skills
- Anyone interested in learning more about Anthos


Course Overview

Each session provides hands-on training and guidance by leading SADA and Google Cloud engineers. By the end of this six-week course, you’ll be well equipped to combine migration and modernization into one step, eliminating the need for code rewrites or other manual processes. 


- Week 1 -  What is Anthos?
- Week 2 -  Intro to Anthos GKE On-Prem
- Week 3 -  Intro to multi-cloud with Anthos
- Week 4 -  Intro to Anthos Config Management
- Week 5 -  Anthos Service Mesh
- Week 6 -  Intro to Cloud Run for Anthos



Introduction to Anthos

In this session, we will cover what makes Anthos, Anthos. Join us for a live demo showcasing the power of Anthos and learn how you can manage applications in a multi-cloud world with ease.
Topics include:

  • Components of Anthos
  • Migration
  • Anthos Identity

Intro to Anthos GKE On-Prem

In this session, we will discuss the components for Anthos GKE on VMware and Anthos GKE on Bare Metal. 

Topics Include:

  • Features of Anthos Clusters on VMware and Bare Metal
  • Deployment models for Anthos Clusters on Bare Metal
  • Deployment models for Anthos Clusters on VMware

Intro to multi-cloud with Anthos

In this session, you’ll learn options to run clusters on multiple cloud providers, all managed with a central management plane and toolset

Topics include:

  • Anthos on AWS/Azure
  • Attached clusters
  • Multicloud API

Intro to Anthos Config Management 

Learn how ACM enables platform teams to automatically deploy configurations and enforce security policies across Kubernetes clusters, on-prem, on GKE, and in other cloud platforms 

Topics include:

  • Managing fleets with ACM
  • Enforcing security policies with ACM
  • Monitoring and auditing configuration with ACM

Anthos Service Mesh

This session builds on the Service Mesh session from the K8s crash course.

Topics include: 

  • ASM vs. Istio
  • MeshCA, Managed Controlplane, and Dataplane
  • Multi-cluster mesh
  • Current state of ASM
  • Future plans for ASM

Intro to Cloud Run for Anthos

Learn how Anthos Service Mesh can control traffic flows and API calls between services while also gaining visibility into your traffic.

Topics include:

  • What is Cloud Run?
  • Running applications across clouds with Cloud Run for Anthos (preview)


Learn from the best

Each lesson is led by the best that Google Cloud and SADA have to offer. Get real hands-on training in Anthos and the Google Cloud Platform.

Valuable resources

Further your learning with additional resources for each week. You’ll gain access to labs, videos, documentation and tutorials.

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