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Episode 120

A bright future for retail CRM with smart analytics: SADA & Coherent Paths fuel next level marketing practice

  • Tony Sofian

    President & CEO, SADA

  • James Glover

    CEO, Coherent Paths

March 1, 2022

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#CloudNClear looks into the bright future for #retail CRM with #SmartAnalytics! ⛅

Tony Safoian, President & CEO, SADA, returns to host this interview with James Glover, CEO, Coherent Path, to understand how SADA and Google Cloud are helping Coherent Path revolutionize #marketing practices for #retailers.

LISTEN, DOWNLOAD, & SUBSCRIBE! Learn why this customer has positioned itself to go all-in with an award-winning #GoogleCloudPartner like SADA.

Hear more about how the #partnership between SADA and #GoogleCloud is boosting their #machinelearning capabilities and helping #retailbrands be more #data-driven in their #emailmarketing approach.

Host: Tony Safoian | President & CEO, SADA

Guests: James Glover | CEO, Coherent Paths

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