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Episode 154

How Faraday is Revolutionizing Data Collection and Analysis with AI/ML

  • Tony Safoian

    President & CEO at SADA

  • Seamus Abshere

    CTO at Faraday

May 9, 2023

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Did you know that data could be considered a new form of currency to some? 💰💡🤯

Tune in to another episode of Cloud N Clear as we discover how Faraday is tapping into customer behaviors by responsibly collecting data. 📊

Tony Safoian, SADA President & CEO, interviews Seamus Abshere, Faraday CTO, to learn about leveraging AI / ML in their data collection solutions, why they chose to rely on Google Cloud, and the role SADA experts played in this customer’s cloud migration. ☁️

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Host: Tony Safoian | President & CEO at SADA
Guest: Seamus Abshere | CTO at Faraday

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