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Episode 156

Securing Success: Data-Driven Growth and the Power of Generative AI in Fintech

  • Rocky Giglio

    Director, Security GTM & Solutions SADA

  • Elliott O'Brien

    CIO at OANDA

June 6, 2023

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Data is the core of business growth! 📊 But how is OANDA applying cloud security best practices and generative AI capabilities to help organizations secure success? 🚀

Learn how OANDA, a leading provider of foreign exchange trading technology, is leveraging SADA solutions and Google Cloud technology to fuel digital transformation and business growth for their FinTech customers. 📈 If you’re a fintech leader, you don’t want to miss this episode! 

Tune into Cloud N Clear on-demand with SADA Director of Security GTM & Solutions, Rocky Giglio, and OANDA CIO Elliot O’Brien to discover more.

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Host: Rocky Giglio | Director of Security GTM & Solutions

Guest: Elliot O’Brien | CIO at OANDA

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