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You’re ready to make the most of the cloud. You’re also aware that you still have much to learn. Show us your north star, and we'll roll out the map and help you get there. Whether you’re looking to assess your cloud readiness, switch providers, or improve your security posture, our certified cloud experts are all in, every step of the way. Your adventure starts with POWERSTART–a comprehensive assessment of your current cloud strategy. Our dedicated experts assess, evaluate, and deliver custom recommendations on Google Cloud solutions, laying the foundation for transformation, reducing risk, and driving successful implementation. We’re ready to take the first step when you are.

Discover opportunities for improvement

The business landscape is changing fast. By embracing the opportunities of the cloud, you’re already part of what’s driving that change. Now you can maximize this era of accelerating opportunity with POWERSTART, which starts with a rigorous analysis of your current state of digital transformation, followed by recommendations on key areas for improvement. SADA’s cloud-certified experts help you unleash innovation and growth by uncovering valuable insights on infrastructure, expenditure, security, risks, and more, ensuring that when the world transforms, you’re the one transforming it.

Generate actionable next steps

After analyzing your state of digital transformation, it’s time to turn insight into action. With POWERSTART, insights gleaned from in-depth discovery sessions become actionable next steps that propel you with confidence toward your north star. Armed with a roadmap and best practices to develop your cloud strategy, reduce your legacy technical debt, and optimize your cloud spend, you’ll be well positioned to level-up your business. POWERSTART helps you navigate the path to complete transformation with fewer risks and greater cost transparency.

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POWERSTART Google Workspace Security Assessment

Over the course of this 6-week engagement, we’ll work with you to optimize your Workspace security in 6 key areas and provide actionable next steps to future-proof your security posture.

POWERSTART Machine Learning Feasibility Study

With SADA’s POWERSTART Machine Learning Feasibility Study, you’ll learn how ML can make a meaningful impact on your business processes or products.

POWERSTART Hadoop Migration Assessment

With SADA’s POWERSTART Hadoop Migration Assessment, establish a clear path to migrate your specific workloads to Google Cloud, all customized to your unique technical requirements.

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“We didn’t know where to start. SADA took care of everything.”

- Ryan Damm, CEO and Co-Founder, Visby

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The A-Z guide to a successful cloud migration

While the benefits of migrating to the cloud greatly outweigh the risks, cloud migration is a major undertaking. Understanding best practices and common mistakes will minimize risk and put your organization on the path to a successful cloud deployment. If you’re ready to explore how the cloud can help better meet your business’s existing needs and prepare the path for a profitable, secure future, this A-Z guide is a great place to start.

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