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Tap into world-class expertise.

SADA has a certified team of cloud consultants and sales engineers to evaluate and activate Google Workspace for organizations that want to power productivity and achieve more, together. When you mobilize Google Workspace with SADA, we put the enterprise-class cloud productivity suite to work for you–better, faster, and more effectively, helping you make Google Workspace tools a catalyst for collaboration and transformation.

Amplify productivity and collaboration.

Empower your teams to achieve extraordinary results with Google Workspace, supercharged by AI. Our expert deployment services ensure a seamless transition to the productivity suite, unlocking a new era of creativity, communication, and innovation with Gemini's cutting-edge AI tools. With customized solutions leveraging the full potential of Google Workspace and its integrated AI capabilities, you'll skyrocket your team's efficiency and drive immediate ROI. 

Accelerate user adoption and time to value.

Take your Google Workspace deployment to the next level with SADA’s unrivaled Change Management Services. Our proven methodology ensures ROI on your Google products investment. With a customized roll-out plan and training designed to promote a shared purpose, our experts help drive innovation by encouraging employees to explore newly implemented technology beyond its most basic capabilities.

Delivering expertise across Google Workspace and Gemini

Enterprise transformation with Google Workspace

Work seamlessly from anywhere, on any device, while leveraging powerful tools that enhance collaboration and productivity. We understand that your people are your greatest asset. By prioritizing their needs and fostering human-centered connection, we'll help you unlock a new era of creativity and innovation within your organization.

AI-powered productivity & collaboration

Transform your workflow with Gemini in Google Workspace. Draft emails, summarize meetings, generate creative content, analyze data, and streamline communication— all powered by AI. Gemini seamlessly integrates into Workspace, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Our experts will help you unlock the full potential of AI in your workplace, driving productivity, innovation, and measurable results.

Identity and access management (IAM)

Enable borderless collaboration and productivity. Break down barriers to access and empower your teams to work effectively from anywhere, on any device. Our expertise in Identity and Access Management (IAM) will ensure a secure, seamless experience that fuels innovation and drives business results.

Google Workspace analytics

Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making with Google Workspace analytics. Gain actionable insights into how your teams collaborate, identify opportunities for improvement, and pinpoint the tools driving your organization's success.

Team and task management

Optimize your team's performance and drive exceptional results with SADA's expert guidance on team and task management. We'll enable you to assemble talented teams, guide employees through best practices, and improve communication across your business. By streamlining schedule management, team training, and customer communication, you'll experience increased customer satisfaction, faster task completion, and reduced turnover.

Work safer

Enhance your security measures and fortify defenses against evolving cyber threats by implementing a zero-trust model. Leveraging SADA's expertise provides access to customized strategies and advanced technologies that secure external attack surfaces while prioritizing the protection of employee accounts.


Questrade and SADA Customer Story
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Questrade's investment in Google Workspace pays big dividends

Discover how Questrade replaced outdated systems with Google Workspace to empower a global, hybrid workforce and fuel rapid expansion.


Developed around repeatable, consistent methodologies and delivered by our world-class Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers, SADA services are fine-tuned to reduce risk and accelerate time to value.

LumApps Adoption

Set up your digital employee experience platform in just 5 days! SADA does all the heavy lifting when you choose LumApps with Google Workspace to connect people, data, and business applications.

Google Workspace Security Assessment

Over the course of this 6-week engagement, we’ll work with you to optimize your Workspace security in 6 key areas and provide actionable next steps to future-proof your security posture.

Gemini for Google Workspace Prompting 101

Ready to unleash the full power of Gemini for Google Workspace? Download the comprehensive guide and discover how to craft effective prompts that transform your work across Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meet, and Slides.

Gemini for Workspace

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Get the most out of generative AI solutions like Duet AI for Google Workspace with a comprehensive change management strategy

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