Shift Your Focus From Worrying to Growing Your Business With Cloud Security Solutions


Shift Your Focus From Worrying to Growing Your Business With Cloud Security Solutions


Customer data protection

Protect customers with a robust cloud security strategy that builds trust. Draw upon best practices from data-sensitive industries including finance, government, and healthcare.

Risk reduction

Reduce risk with modern security tooling and cloud security posture management (CSPM). Every data entry point is accounted for, every user verified.

Security hardening & exposure management

Secure attack surfaces, and detect data breaches and correct misconfigurations at scale. Fortify every stage of the development process with safeguards and automated compliance.


Top 5 cloud security threats and how to confront them in 2023

Download this ebook to start preparing your organization for what's to come, with confidence. Plus, you'll get a breakdown of the most vital questions to bring to every security meeting.



SADA's industry-leading security experts stand at the ready to help you prepare and fortify your organization against any threat. With our Security Confidence Program, you'll isolate new attack vectors, stay on top of shifting regulatory landscapes and compliance standards, and rest assured that your data, your customers, and your business are safe.


Cloud security posture management (CSPM)

Dramatically reduce risk with continuous monitoring of your cloud security posture and cloud asset inventory.

Zero trust

Apply verification at every data entry point to secure external attack surfaces and protect employee accounts.

Security operations

Detect and contain breaches and correct misconfigurations more efficiently with modern security tooling.

App and user protection

Protect customers, applications, and infrastructure more efficiently with intelligent user protection.

Risk and compliance as code

Catch misconfigurations before they're even deployed to reduce risk automatically.

Workload protection

Release products with higher assurance and increased velocity by implementing security tooling as part of the software design lifecycle.

Data posture management

Implement proper data governance tooling to drive more effective business intelligence.

Boundary defence

Provide additional layers of protection around sensitive cloud assets with proper access controls.

Cloud Security confidence assessment

Stay ahead of the threats: Boost your confidence in your security posture

Engage with SADA to assess and strengthen your Google Cloud security posture to protect your data, your customers, and your teams from evolving threats.

Establish your secure cloud environment with outcomes-focused solutions

No matter your industry, security threats like phishing, ransomware, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are not to be taken lightly. When it comes to security, you need champions who have your back. 

That’s where SADA comes in with industry-leading security experts who can design a solution for any threat profile.

Common challenge Solution outcome with SADA
Maintaining a proactive rather than reactive stance against cyber attacksTools and processes are deployed using automations and monitoring to continuously protect your organization against vulnerabilities.
Meeting compliance requirements in a timely and cost-effective mannerCompliance is easily managed with fully implemented policies and cloud-native procedures.
Attracting and retaining new business that expects top security standardsYour customers will rest assured knowing that you have a comprehensive cybersecurity program.
Eliminating single points of failure that impede your business operationsOperational efficiency is improved by offloading manual activities with new automated workflows, meaning your resources are free to concentrate on core business objectives, not unnecessary toil.

Mobile gaming leader Kabam levels up defenses with security deep dive

Learn how SADA helped Kabam target critical security issues, baseline their security against the overall software industry, and plan their roadmap for future security configurations.


Our expert teams of consultants, architects, and solutions engineers are ready to help with your bold ambitions, provide you with more information on our services, and answer your technical questions. Contact us today to get started.

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