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Overcome the limitations of legacy infrastructure.

From changing customer expectations to mounting risk and regulatory burdens, the FinServ industry faces increasing pressure to keep up with the fast-paced, agile nature of the digital world. Modernizing with Google Cloud enables you to overcome legacy infrastructure challenges like infrequent batch processing and excessive maintenance costs. We’ll work with you to adopt agile methodologies and implement a DevOps toolset that facilitates automation, collaboration and the continuous delivery of value to end-users. Our expertise in hybrid and multicloud architectures enables you to approach transformation incrementally based on your organizational needs, maturity, and readiness.

Manage risk and compliance.

We understand the unique requirements that FinServ organizations have when it comes to security policies and standards around data residency, identity, and access control, as well as regulatory and compliance obligations for risk management. Our experts put Google Cloud to work, enabling you to achieve multi-layered security at all levels to protect your sensitive data, including customer PII, records, transaction data, and payment card information. From identity management to network security to threat detection and response, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you develop an enterprise cloud strategy that meets the most demanding security, resiliency, privacy and disaster recovery standards.

Drive more value with your data.

In today’s competitive landscape, data is as important an asset as currency. With a Google Cloud Specialization in Data Analytics, we have the expertise to help you unify and improve data management and apply advanced analytics that can improve business performance and ultimately increase shareholder returns. Whether you’re looking to extract insights from massive data sets, run more precise financial crime analytics, deliver differentiated customer experiences, or accelerate efforts in new business development, we’ll help you to cost-effectively harness the power of Google Cloud’s industry-leading analytical and AI/ML tools.


Reduce technology costs.

Offset the rising costs of doing business by reducing waste within your operations and improving utilization of IT. Our experts help financial services organizations leverage Google Cloud to meet these challenges with preemptible virtual machines (VMs), sustained-use discounts, per-second billing and committed-use discounts.

Achieve operational resiliency.

Meet system availability requirements with Google Cloud’s geographically distributed data centers that minimize the effects of disruptions caused by local and regional incidents. With an application and network architecture designed for maximum reliability and uptime, avoid regulatory fines imposed due to interruptions in service that impact customers.

Improve information management.

Centralized visibility and control is a key component of information management. We can give you the tools to achieve a level of visibility that simplifies compliance with privacy, confidentiality and retention regulations. Quickly build a comprehensive picture of when and how cloud resources and data are being used. Put Google Cloud tools like Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, and Archival Cloud Storage to use for data archiving and backup.

Optimize processes with AI/ML.

We’ll help you leverage Lending DocAI to transform the home loan experience for borrowers and lenders by automating mortgage document processing and streamlining data capture at scale. With Google Contact Center AI (CCAI), address overloaded phone lines and email queues, increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency. CCAI’s virtual agent chatbots not only converse naturally with customers but also assist human agents with complex inquiries. Use cloud-based machine learning (ML) to improve compliance management, deliver a better customer experience, and detect and prevent fraud.

Gain visibility and access to audit and security logs.

Google Cloud’s audit logging enables you to answer the questions of “who did what, where, and when?” within the Google Cloud services being used. Get all the tools you need to manage your organization’s information at all times, giving you extensive control and visibility over system and application security settings.

Accelerate application development.

Leverage Anthos, Google Cloud’s open hybrid, multi-cloud platform, to enable consistency between on-premises and cloud environments, accelerating application development.

Amplify productivity and collaboration.

We’ll help you reinvent the way you do business in the digital world and transform the way your teams work. Power productivity with a fully integrated workspace of cloud-native apps and deployment services that enable teams to achieve more, together.


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