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Build out your big idea.

Whether you’re just launching your business or well on your way to digital transformation, Google Cloud’s robust set of solutions and SADA’s expertise have your back. From essentials like web servers, data security, and data storage to game-changing solutions like data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), Google Cloud is cost-effective, easy to use, and adaptable to any business model. Simplify your operations in multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments and free up resources to do what you do best–execute your vision.

Get more with less.

Cost efficiency is essential to success. With Google Cloud, you only pay for what you need when you need it, freeing you up to concentrate on strategy. Make the most of limited resources by leveraging automation and embedded technologies, and optimize infrastructure costs through platform functionalities and technologies like autoscaling and Google Kubernetes Engine. SADA’s expert guidance and world-class FinOps practice gets you where you want to go faster and more efficiently, while never losing sight of your bottom line.

Scale beyond your expectations.

Explosive growth is a good problem to have. Prepare for the contingency of succeeding beyond your wildest dreams by maximizing the power of Google Cloud’s flexible tools. You can be confident knowing that as business takes off, Google Cloud is built to keep up, promising 99.95% availability and no scheduled downtime. With the ability to rapidly scale capacity up and down, you’ll be well equipped no matter what level of demand hits you.


Natural Resource Management in Cloud
Cloud Access Security Broker

PacketFabric and SADA migrate 30 petabytes of data to Google Cloud at record speed and cost savings

Learn how SADA, Google Cloud, and PacketFabric’s  partnership resulted in the development of a solution for a tough customer data migration challenge that was delivered in record time with outstanding cost savings.


Developed around repeatable, consistent methodologies and delivered by our world-class Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers, SADA POWER service products are fine-tuned to reduce risk and accelerate time to value.

POWERUP Data Platform Foundation

Get the most from Cloud Storage, Dataflow, BigQuery, and Data Studio with a data platform foundation built by SADA. Over the course of this 5-week engagement, our expert team of Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers will put you on the right path that fulfills your unique data requirements. 

POWERON GCP Cloud Foundation

Transform your business in just 6 weeks by adopting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with SADA’s POWERON GCP service. SADA’s expert team of Solutions Architects, Cloud Engineers, and Project Managers will put you on the right path by building a deployment-ready landing zone running on GCP which includes configuration of resource management, identity & access management (IAM), networking, billing management, and logging and monitoring.

The A-Z guide to a successful cloud migration

While the benefits of migrating to the cloud greatly outweigh the risks, cloud migration is a major undertaking, particularly for small to midsize businesses. Download the eBook to get a better understanding of best practices and common mistakes to minimize risk and put your organization on the path to a successful cloud deployment.

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SADA helps you mobilize Google Cloud to meet your business objectives head onno matter what your challenge.


We’ve helped thousands of clients across all industries tackle their biggest challenges, accelerating innovation with efficient, customized solutions.


As the Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year two years running, we know how to maximize the power of Google Cloud to meet your objectives.


Developed with repeatable, consistent methodologies, SADA POWER service products are fine-tuned to reduce risk and accelerate time to value.

Solve not just for today but for what's next

We'll help you harness the immense power of Google Cloud to solve a business challenge, make your data actionable or transform the way you work.

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