Generative Ai 

The next generation of disruptive technology has arrived and is ready to deploy. The time is now to identify how your organization can reap the benefits of generative artificial intelligence, explore use cases, and get started on your strategy. We’re excited to show you what’s on the horizon.

generative ai


Generative AI from any starting point

Get up to speed on LLMs, fine-tuning, hallucinations, and an AI landscape that includes Gemini, ChatGPT, HuggingFace, and beyond. Whatever your starting point, we'll orient you to what's coming and-better yet-what's possible.

AI solutions for your unique business

Learn from use cases most relevant to your business and industry. Implement Generative AI solutions in every department beyond IT, including Marketing, Sales, Operations, and more. Accommodate all business roles, industries, and levels of familiarity with generative AI.

Accelerate generative AI deployments

Get the most from Google Cloud's powerful, secure Vertex AI platform. Set ambitious business goals, empower your teams, and execute a custom generative AI strategy that's bold, cost-effective, and protects your data, teams, and customers.

Generative AI FAQ


Sign up for a deep-dive generative AI consultation with SADA

Generative AI is transforming your industry and the world. Join SADA’s team of AI experts for an exclusive consultation that will:

  • Orient you to the current state of the rapidly evolving Generative AI landscape, with a preview of what’s coming.
  • Bring you up to speed on Google’s powerful, secure Vertex AI platform.
  • Demonstrate how to use Generative AI and NOT expose your proprietary data.
  • Put you on a path to implementing bold Generative AI solutions tailored to your business.

Participants in all business roles, all industries, and all levels of familiarity with AI are welcome to join the workshop. It'll be full of insights for the following audiences:

  • Anyone new to Generative AI
  • Professionals starting to use Generative AI
  • Leaders ready to go big with Generative AI


Join us for a Generative AI Discovery consultation to discover potential use cases for Generative AI in your organization, collaborate with our experts to learn more about designing and implementing Generative AI solutions, and develop an action plan for how to move forward with Generative AI’s transformational capabilities.

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