3 steps to improve your security posture with Google Cloud

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Even if your organization recognizes the value in choosing Google Cloud for its well documented security track record, migrating from one cloud to another can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! If you’re looking to maximize your security profile and are hesitating to make the leap, it can be helpful to consider improving security as an easy, three-step process. 

1. Assess

First, start by thoroughly addressing your cloud security profile. You’ll want a 360-degree understanding of your users, permissions, and potential vulnerabilities, with expert recommendations on what and how to improve. With SADA’s POWERPLAN Cloud Security Assessment, you’ll get guidance from a dedicated team, including a Senior Cloud Security Engineer and a Project Manager, who will evaluate your current configurations and platform controls, provide detailed recommendations, and present best practices to reduce risk and confront common threats.

The Cloud Security Assessment equips you with knowledge and best practices over a 5-week engagement that’s tailored to your particular business. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all security strategy, so recommendations are customized to fit your particular business model and industry, with plenty of time built in for you to address the issues most important to you. 

Learn more about SADA’s POWERPLAN Cloud Security Assessment. 

2. Change Management

Sure, it’s one thing to modernize systems, update hardware and software, and keep your organization current on the latest cloud solutions. It’s an entirely different challenge to support the talented individuals who are crucial to your company’s success when such changes go live. 

SADA’s Change Management services focus on people.  SADA project managers, consultants, and engineers work together to assess your IT environment to develop a plan that focuses equally on your business processes and your technical needs. When you’re taking a serious step like improving your security profile by migrating to a new cloud, you want everyone on your team to be all-in. With your people kept up to speed during implementation, you’ll mitigate against future disruptions and ensure your ability to concentrate on critical business functions.

3. Ongoing Support

It’s crucial, once you’ve stood up your improved security environment, that you maintain a free flow of communication with a partner you can rely upon to address future issues as they arise. SADA’s Cloud Managed Services are designed to provide reliable, ongoing support with an eye toward maximizing performance and minimizing cloud cost. SADA’s industry-leading FinOps practices will ensure you’re getting the most from your cloud spend.

Ensuring the stability of your infrastructure means being able to react in a moment’s notice, so SADA’s 24/7 support services are always on call when you most need assistance. 

At SADA, we think of change as transformation for the better. Cloud security is of your utmost concern, but it doesn’t have to be a source of worry. Assessing and addressing your systems, supporting your people with expert training and resources, and remaining vigilant throughout your cloud journey provide peace of mind, while freeing you to scale and innovate.


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